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What is a Fleet Safety Culture?

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This month is National Safety Month, and we’re discussing safety on our blog. One topic that comes up frequently on this blog is fleet safety culture. We’ve discussed ways to create a fleet safety culture but haven’t discussed exactly what it means to have a fleet safety culture. Let’s define fleet safety culture for this national safety month and beyond. 

3 Elements of a Fleet That Prioritize Safety

A fleet with a healthy fleet safety culture prioritizes safety and makes that a priority for its drivers and other employees. Fleets might make this clear in a variety of ways. However, there are three elements that we have discussed at length on this blog that every fleet should have. 

No. 1: A Fleet Safety Program

A fleet safety program is your fleet’s most vital safety management element. It lays the groundwork for how your fleet will handle safety. A fleet safety program includes all your safety policies, training programs, and enforcement procedures. All other elements that we will go over in this article stem from your fleet safety program. 

Your safety program is how you communicate the importance of safety to your employees. It is a huge indicator of your fleet’s safety culture, so it is critical that you put much thought into it and that you enforce it consistently.

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No. 2: Safety Technology

Your fleet safety program, and therefore your fleet safety culture, is only possible if you follow through. That’s where technology comes in. So much technology exists to help you enforce your safety policy without micromanaging your team. 

Investing in safety technology and implementing it throughout your fleet is a huge part of safety culture. The investment shows a strong commitment to change. Meanwhile, the technology provides data to support your fleet safety program and help enforce the critical policies you’ve implemented. 

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No. 3: Consistent Driver Training

Of course, when a driver comes on board, you must provide excellent training that prepares them not only for the details of the job they will be performing but essential safety measures as well. However, safety training doesn’t stop at onboarding. Training is a consistent effort that harnesses the safety technologies we mentioned earlier. 

The goal is to ensure your training is data-driven and targeted for each driver. If drivers must sit through irrelevant training, they will quickly become bored and dismiss any pertinent points. However, if you can provide training backed by data that affects each driver, or a specific group, you can capture their attention and work out specific issues. 

Promoting safety through regular training sessions is another crucial factor in creating a safety culture within your fleet. Check out these blog articles that discuss driver training and how to motivate drivers to perform to the best of their ability. 

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Start Developing Your Safety Culture Today

This article has provided everything you need to start developing your safety culture by the end of this national safety month. So what are you waiting for to get started? If you’re still not feeling ready, we will provide more resources below to help you kick off your journey.

And when supporting your safety culture with the best technology, Azuga has you covered. Our state-of-the-art fleet technology has helped fleets of all shapes and sizes accomplish their safety goals. Learn more by scheduling a demo with one of our experts today! 

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