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Driver safety is always a paramount concern for any fleet. When we talk about far fewer miles of speeding and drivers giving up harsh braking or cornering, we are talking about a change in behavior that benefits everyone. Azuga Driver Rewards uses gamification and social sharing to help you change your team’s attitudes about fleet tracking and get them to compete to be the safest and best driver. Azuga makes it easy to see who is safe, and who has concerning events, like speeding, hard acceleration, and hard braking, along with excess idling. Driver Rewards uses this information to build a competitive spirit in your team, where employees compare scores and get recognition and rewards for safe driving.

The Benefits of Driver Rewards

Rewards-driven fleet tracking drives employee engagement, performance, and safety.

Positive Impact on Culture

Engaging employees with goal-based rewards instead of punitive notifications and training meetings boosts workplace culture and positively impacts productivity and morale.

Higher Job Satisfaction and Loyalty

A culture focused on safety and productivity shows employees you care about them and take proactive steps to recognize, reward, and retain high performers.

Effortless Results

Gamification of good driving habits brings out the best in drivers, so safety events like speeding and hard braking reduce quickly. This means fewer accidents and violations and lower risk overall.

Visibility of Scores Drives Self-Coaching

Driver Rewards enables drivers to see what their managers see and compare their scores to their peers, so everyone knows who is in the lead and where they stand. Competition to win among peers drives employees to make safer choices when on the road and instills healthy competition.

Use Azuga Rewards to its Fullest Potential

Track Drivers Based on Their Actions Behind the Wheel

See at a glance who should be recognized for safe and intelligent driving and who needs coaching. Our report shows you who’s rated as “safe,” who’s on the “watch list,” and who is “risky.”

Coach Drivers with Accurate, Objective Data

See how your team performs in terms of speeding, hard braking, acceleration, and idling. Use rock-solid, objective data to back up your points and measure against in the future.

Painlessly Administer a Better System

Rewards motivate workers to compete and improve their performance. Such motivators are an essential part of job satisfaction. Azuga’s built-in reward system makes it easy to administer. Fund your account, identify reward recipients, select an amount, and send. Your team receives awards via email or the Azuga FleetMobile app, making it easy and painless for everyone.

See What Others Have Accomplished

"We run a lot of safety programs, most of which are punitive, but we like the rewards aspect of Azuga Fleet. It’s a positive program we can rally behind and get everyone engaged. Our insurance carrier was very pleased that we were going down the path with telematics—specifically with Azuga.”

VP of Support Services, GalaxyOne Marketing Inc.

“Azuga is working great for us. The rewards program is a real hit. It has created some great competition and some jealousy....”

Operations Manager, Reliable Fire and Security

"The driver rewards program is awesome. When we first started it, we had a lot of our drivers in the red, and now we don’t have any drivers in the red. These guys are really fighting for the position of number one driver of the company."

Fleet Manager, JW Floor Covering

We Calculate Safety Scores for You!

Azuga uses a safety score system to quantify your drivers’ safe behavior. This system not only pinpoints your safest drivers but helps you find high-risk culprits as well. We generate safety scores based on driving events like speeding, distracted driving, idling, hard acceleration, hard braking, harsh cornering, and seatbelt usage. The scores are calculated on a scale of 1-100, generated daily. 

Safety Scores: A Breakdown

Safety scores break down into percentages. 

  • 30% braking
  • 10% speeding
  • 10% acceleration
  • 10% idling
  • 10% cornering
  • 20% distracted driving
  • 10% seatbelt

*Percentages differ when particular concerns are disabled, such as seatbelts or cornering.

Azuga’s Five-Step Rewards Program

Don’t worry; most of these steps are automatic. This process is so easy to implement you’ll wish you’d been doing it from the beginning!

  1. Set your budget and frequency of rewards. How much do you want to spend on your rewards program? How often do you want to allocate rewards? 
  2. Let Azuga handle reporting! Sit back and relax while Azuga calculates safety scores and determines your safest drivers. 
  3. Approve your winners. Now, approve the winners of your prizes and validate the awards they will receive. This is an excellent time to make a note for use in these drivers’ performance reviews!
  4. Azuga will issue the rewards for you! Azuga will send the prizes automatically to the winners’ email. They will confirm receipt of the rewards on their end. 
  5. Enjoy your fleet of happy and improved drivers. Now that your fleet is safe and brimming with friendly competition, you’ve got a morale boost and improved driving all around!


  • Identifies top drivers based on intervals you decide
  • Ability to create improvement criteria and messaging for drivers not meeting standards
  • Provides your drivers with gift cards in an amount you specify and fund
  • Pushes the rewards to the driver via mobile app or email
  • Verifies receipt and redemption of the gift card
  • The process repeats as often as you like
  • The amount rewarded is shown on your invoice, not as a separate charge

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