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What Is My Fleet Safety Program Missing?

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June is National Safety Month, so it’s a great time to review your safety policies and determine where you might have gaps or inconsistencies. No safety program is perfect, but you can always make improvements to get as close as possible. Let’s explore how to enhance your fleet’s safety this month by filling in potential gaps.

A Clear, Written Policy

Many fleets try to get by on assumptions or emails or memos sent over time that make up their policies on safety. This can lead to inconsistencies in understanding across the board. You must have a written policy that employees can view all in one place and communicate where that policy is to every employee. 

Make sure that policy is up to date. You should review it at least once annually– June is a good time to do that! New regulations or circumstances may arise that you need to address. Check with your insurance company to see if they have a template you can use for your policy. You can also check out our blog article on the subject below. 

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Driver Training Policies

Driver training should never stop after intake. Unfortunately, many fleet managers understand this idea in practice, but enforcement tends to taper off as time goes on without incidents. This can cause drivers to become lax in their safety protocols. 

Fleet management software can help managers track driver behavior and determine where there may be performance gaps. For example, you can see drivers who may be speeding or exhibiting aggressive driving behaviors like rapid acceleration or hard braking. 

Once you isolate these behaviors, you can provide contextual training to your drivers to target the specific issues that they are exhibiting. Drivers are more likely to respond to training that is relevant to their concerns, making that training a more effective use of everyone’s time. Check out this blog article on implementing practical training using fleet management software and other technologies.

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Consistent Safety Messaging

Once you hand out your safety program, that’s not the end of the road for promoting safety. Create a safety culture for your fleet, which involves regular enforcement of safety messaging. Your emails, meetings, newsletters, and other communications must regularly mention and discuss the importance of safety to your business. Keep safety at the top of your employees’ minds with persistent messaging. Learn more about creating a fleet safety culture in another blog article that we published this National Safety Month:

What is a Fleet Safety Culture – [Publication Date TBA]

Other Elements to Consider

Your fleet safety policy may already have these elements, but it's best to review it to be certain. 

  • Seat Belt Campaign: Although everyone knows seat belts save lives, a surprising amount of people don’t wear them. Ensure you have a clear seat belt policy and technology to enforce it.
  • Distracted Driving Program: Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents in the U.S. Communicate your distracted driving policy clearly and enforce it with fleet management software and telematics.
  • Accident Reconstruction: Accidents happen even to the most careful of drivers. Accident reconstruction allows you to exonerate your drivers when they are not at fault. 
  • Preventative Maintenance Plan: Mechanical failures can cause accidents just as easily as driver mistakes. Ensure your vehicles are up-to-date with a maintenance plan backed by technology and robust policy.
  • Driver Rewards: Safety policies shouldn’t be punitive– it’s demoralizing and can cause you to lose your best drivers. Instead, reward your drivers with a safety program that motivates them to be their best.

Boost Your Fleet Safety Program with the Best Technology

Azuga’s comprehensive fleet technology supports all elements of fleet management. That includes not only safety but also maintenance, efficiency, and more. If you’re looking to fill in the gaps in your fleet safety program or even to enforce the program you have, reach out to our experts. We can help you accomplish whatever goals you may have.

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