APG Electric

"Being competitive by nature—being a bunch of construction workers and ground-pounders—we wanted to give it a shot and it’s been working really well. I like the user-friendliness of the Azuga webpage and I love the parameter controls. Plus, our Azuga rep is absolutely wonderful."

Hank Levesque
Fleet Manager
Success Story

Acree Plumbing & Air

"We have Azuga running in all our vehicles, while still paying out the rest of our contract with another company. You set the gold standard with price and service."

John Phillips
Service Manager
Success Story

Air Engineers, A Service Experts Company

"Drivers have become accustomed to Azuga, are mindful of their driving behavior and the scores have improved dramatically."

Peter Veilleux
Operations Manager, Air Engineers
Success Story


With Azuga, our billing is now based on mutual trust between the technician and customer. We have 100% confidence that we are billing for actual time, which is beneficial for both All-Lift and our customers.

Jeff Bennett
Controller, All-Lift Ltd.
Success Story

Allwell Rents

The customization of Azuga Works is going to work really well for us. We have very busy days and the ability to schedule and see where the guys are throughout the day if something comes up is a game changer

Brian Lambert
Owner, Director of Operations
Success Story

Bug-N-A Rug Exterminators

We saved more than 50% by switching to Azuga. We found a solution that meets our needs of a busy pest control company, while not hurting our bottom line. Very affordable for a great set of features we need, but they are also quick in helping with account questions and making billing simple. The solution helps us keep track of our drivers in real-time while integrating with our other software.

Stuart Flynn
General Manager
Success Story

California UMI

"It is the easiest, most intuitive system I have used to date. Everything that I need is a click away, and every month or so, Azuga comes out with innovative features that make their platform an even better bang for the buck."

Patty Middleton
Safety Director
Success Story

Connors Plumbing & Heating

We service a large area with many technicians & vehicles. Finding the closest employee to a customer in a pinch has always been difficult, and maintaining up-to-date vehicle information has not been possible in the past.. Azuga allows me to organize my technicians, vehicles and jobs much faster than ever before and gives peace of mind its going smooth.

Jessica Corchran
Fleet Manager
Success Story

Corix Utilities

"Before Azuga we were only able to put GPS solutions in 30 percent of our vehicles, as it simply wasn’t affordable to deploy GPS across the fleet. This made it really hard to judge the overall performance of our fleet. Now, we have Azuga installed across the fleet and are better able to evaluate fleet performance using geofencing, safety alerts, scheduled maintenance and more."

Kerry Waedekin
Fleet Manager
Success Story

Courtice Auto Wreckers

"I can configure Azuga’s fleet tracking software exactly the way I want and get to the information I need quickly and easily."

Steve Mihalic
Success Story

Diamond Engineering

"We brought data from the Azuga system to our insurance company. When they saw what we had in terms of the ability to locate our assets and monitor our driver behaviors, they were happy to work with us on our premium, and we got more than a 10% discount."

Rod Gartner
Success Story


Our prior system just didn’t work, and Azuga was better at a favorable price.

Sammy Reagan
Success Story

Earthtech Landscape

"GPS vehicle tracking technology has been around for a long time. Every time we looked at it we were faced with expensive hardware and software costs, inaccurate data on idling and fuel consumption, painful installation scheduling, and lengthy contracts. Azuga made it a no-brainer. At just 70 cents per vehicle per day, Azuga helps save money from day one."

Stephen James
Operations Manager
Success Story

Environmental Pest Control

Azuga helps me understand where my guys are and to check that the job is getting done and that the team is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Tommy Kellogg
Success Story


"Azuga is different. It gives us a new way to drive our meetings and coach techs to improve safety."

Kevin Lemasters
Kevin Lemasters
Success Story

Family Service Foundation

With Azuga, we completely reversed our situation. Now we not only talk about safe driving but also document it. That has made a difference and resulted in improved safety of our clients and lower insurance costs for us. We like to consider it as a win-win situation.

Gordon Raley
CEO, Family Service Foundation
Success Story

Fox Systems Inc.

"Before installing the Azuga device in our business vehicles, I tried it out on my own. I really liked Azuga’s maintenance, geofencing, reporting, and alerts!"

Tony Bauman
Success Story


"We run a lot of safety programs, most of which are punitive, but we like the rewards aspect of Azuga Fleet. It’s a positive program we can rally behind and get everyone engaged."

Brian Fickel
VP of Support Services
Success Story

Hobart Service‍

The report I use most is the idle report because idle time is time wasted that we could be billing a customer or working on something else.

Tyson Williams
Branch Manager, Hobart Service
Success Story

HomeWorks Plumbing, Heating & Air

Azuga’s reminders have been a game changer. We are now much more proactive than reactive when it comes to our vehicle performance, such as oil changes and battery deterioration

Megan Kroll
Fleet Manager
Success Story

Hurley & David

"We got the memo on the value of GPS tracking and managing our mobile resources a while back. The new name in town is Azuga. Value for money, easy to install, and a truly consultative approach: BYOD savings and marketing help to enhance our go-green image."

Jessica Woodruff Smith
Assistant Project Manager
Success Story

JW Flooring

"The driver rewards program is awesome. When we first started it, we had a lot of our drivers in the red, and now we don’t have any drivers in the red. These guys are really fighting for the position of number one driver of the company."

David White
Fleet Manager
Success Story

Joseph T Berrena Mechanicals, Inc

"We are a family run and co-owned business. I trust my technicians, but Azuga helps me verify the information and encourage better driving habits."

Matt Berrena
President & Co-owner
Success Story

Kitsap Garage Door Company

"Kitsap Garage Door has always believed in the use of technology to deliver better customer service and improve productivity. We just switched over to Azuga G2™ from a traditional GPS contraption. We wanted to go beyond GPS, to get insight into engine idling and fuel used. At 70 cents per vehicle per day, the ROI is a no-brainer and the benefits are immediate."

John Ramer
Success Story

Ko Olina Transportation

"With its real-time availability, Azuga Fleet lets us operate our entire fleet as efficiently as possible and deliver superior customer service to our clients."

Denny Walker
General Manager
Success Story

Marlboro Towing

Since implementing Azuga’s vehicle tracking solution and Safety Cameras we have seen an improvement in operational efficiency. The intuitive reports and dashboards give us enhanced visibility into the utilization of our trucks and the behavior of our drivers.

Mike Chilson
General Manager
Success Story

Mayesh Wholesale Florist

"I like the Azuga service reminders because our vehicles do so much delivery that we tend to forget about services. With the email reminders, it’s been fantastic. It’s a no-brainer."

Juan Martinez
Branch & Fleet Manager
Success Story

Misericordia University

The biggest benefit is that we’ve been able to verify that our drivers are safe. If we see a particular vehicle that is driving at a higher rate of speed, we can track it down to a driver and the individual manager will handle it with the driver.

Bob Zavada
Director of Campus Safety and Security
Success Story

Nolan Power Group

You can pull up that map, know where all your assets are, if technicians have completed the job, standing still for 3 hours or if they haven’t gotten there yet.

Bryan Dardar
VP of Stationary Services
Success Story

Northwest Tank

"Azuga GPS device is next-gen GPS. It’s easy to install, portable between vehicles and provides valuable business insight into asset tracking, fuel wasting behavior, vehicle maintenance schedules and driver performance. We recently switched to Azuga from a hard-install GPS provider and are delighted at the results."

Remy Cano
Success Story


"Azuga has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time."

Chris McKeeman
Success Story


"I’ve tried them all: hard-to-install ‘Black Box’ GPS systems, battery-powered trackers, and phonebased GPS applications. The hassle wasn’t worth it. Simply put, Azuga G2™ had the best price-performance value and paid for itself in the first month of use."

John Todaro
Operations and HR
Success Story

Reliable Fire & Security

Azuga is working great for us. The rewards program is a real hit. It has created some great competition and some jealousy....

Dan Hurley
Operations Mgr
Success Story

Service Experts

"Far and away I get everything I need for the best price out there."

David McCauley
North American Fleet Manager
Success Story

Sietsema Farms

"We chose Azuga because its solution was easiest to use, install, and implement, helping us to become more efficient, increasing productivity and safety among our drivers. We’re really happy we made the switch."

Eric Sietsema
Success Story

Smith & Solomon

"We’ve tried a lot of fleet tracking solutions and none of them could beat Azuga at its combination of amazing price, easy reporting features, and reliability. We’re still learning new applications for all that Azuga can do. It has everything we were looking for and is the best bang for our buck."

Chris Barbayanni
Fleet Director, Smith & Solomon
Success Story

Southern Tire Mart

Azuga is so easy to use. The user interface is intuitive. When we added on AI-SafetyCam it was helpful from day one. The ability to help avoid costly lawsuits and prove our drivers weren’t at fault has been a huge help. Cameras don’t lie.

Rusty Robertson
Safety Manager
Success Story

Tribus Services

"Safety is incredibly important to the success of our business. Azuga has helped us positively modify driver behavior."

Kerry Waedekin
Fleet Manager
Success Story