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The customization of Azuga Works is going to work really well for us. We have very busy days and the ability to schedule and see where the guys are throughout the day if something comes up is a game changer

Brian Lambert

Owner, Director of Operations

About the Company

Allwell Rents was struggling to get visibility into their fleet activity, scheduling, and performance. The solution wasn’t what they were promised and was costly to their bottom line. After exploring alternative solutions, Brian and Anne decided to move forward with Azuga and the Azuga Works program.



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Field Service Management

Field Service Management

GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

Field Service Management
GPS Fleet Tracking

Azuga Works is going to work really well for us

Azuga. Works.

With deliveries to sensitive events, such as weddings and graduations, Allwell needed to be able to tell their customers when their deliveries were going to arrive, but also wanted to make sure their trucks were scheduled optimally. With the previous solution it was easy to overbook a truck and cause issues with deliveries. Visibility into where the trucks were at a given time was incomplete, causing disruptions to customer service. Easy billing with Azuga GPS and Works also helps keep operational costs down and terms easy to manage. Azuga fleet tracking and Azuga Works gives Allwell the peace of mind they need - reliable visibility into where their trucks are and the safety of their drivers, and a field service solution to manage their customers.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Allwell quickly creates new customers and jobs and can assign their crew effectively. The scheduling calendar allows for drag and drop options to move around jobs to the most logical truck. They also can change the view to see the assigned jobs by date and time to make sure there isn’t any overlap or route issues for the drivers - a big concern with their previous solution. Anne Lambert, owner and office manager, uses scheduling the most for verifying how big of a crew she needs or what size truck is necessary for the delivery. All the details are hosted in one place, and easy to navigate.


One of the features Brian and Anne love the most is the customization of the Azuga Works platform. Being able to change job names and job and worker statuses was not something Nextraq could support. Azuga is able to streamline their office-tofield operations. Dispatch When using Azuga GPS tracking and Azuga Works, Allwell can boost their productivity and offer better customer service with less effort. Azuga is a onestop solution for all things fleet management.

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