With Azuga, our billing is now based on mutual trust between the technician and customer. We have 100% confidence that we are billing for actual time, which is beneficial for both All-Lift and our customers.

Jeff Bennett

Controller, All-Lift Ltd.

About the Company

Established in 1976, All-Lift is a family-owned business specializing in the service, repair, and sale of forklifts and forklift parts in Canada. All-Lift has been an Azuga customer since August 2017.



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Azuga Payment Process

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Azuga Payment Process

Building Customer Trust with Billing Accuracy

All-Lift’s business has been growing rapidly in size over the years, making it increasingly difficult to keep track of where vehicles were at any given time. In fact, service vehicles were sometimes dispatched to sites when a company service technician was already nearby, a frustrating inefficiency resulting in loss of time and fuel. Managers also had to estimate and rely on handwritten sheets for payroll.

Additionally, All-Lift technicians drive their vehicles home every night, and management had no way to track off-hour, unauthorized use of company vehicles. Unfortunately, this eventually lead to the lamentable event of an employee receiving an impaired driving infraction while driving a company truck. That’s the point of pain that drove Jeff to make a serious search into fleet tracking technology.


In the service and repair industry, All-Lift dispatches to numerous businesses throughout the day and knowing the location of its technicians is crucial for timely arrivals and fuel efficiency. Vehicle location is equally important for accurate billing and monitoring vehicle use after hours.


Using Azuga’s real-time vehicle tracking, the All-Lift team is able to efficiently dispatch technicians to call sites throughout the day with timeliness and accuracy. This has greatly improved their time management and fuel savings of their rapidly growing fleet.

The All-Lift management team effectively utilizes Azuga’s Ignition ON/OFF details, to confirm technician presence on site and reflect those timestamps onto in-house and customer billing. Management has noticed a great increase in hours-worked and billing accuracy, ultimately adding value for each the business, employees, and customers alike.

To help cultivate open communication with employees about after hours use of company vehicles, All-Lift management uses Azuga’s real-time vehicle tracking for full visibility of vehicle whereabouts on nights and weekends. Employees communicate with supervisors more now than ever before and unauthorized use has been eliminated.


Azuga’s vehicle location and timestamp capability enables Jeff’s team to make sure they are billing customers properly. Management can verify work hours and compensate accordingly, making sure that technicians are paid fairly and that customers are billed appropriately.

Like all great customer-conscious companies, All-Lift follows the “customer is always right” policy, but now they have the tools to give them confidence that they are fair and honest.

As a bonus, Azuga’s “Check Engine Light” code alerts have helped All-Lift put together a fleet maintenance schedule to improve the condition of its vehicles. This has definitely saved the All-Lift team the time and money that would result from inoperable vehicles.

Azuga has been a great fit for all departments at All-Lift, and they look forward to learning more about the technology and how to utilize its many powerful applications to reap even more benefits.

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