Dash Cam Safety: A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Yourself on the Road

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Dashcams are becoming a staple in fleets worldwide for keeping fleets safe and protecting them from liability in the event of an accident. They are now a critical part of fleet management. Dashcam technology is making our roads safer, both for fleet drivers and for the public at large. Today, many fleets use the same kinds of standard dash cams that have been in use since around 2010. Other fleets are using newer dash cam upgrades, such as those brought to field service companies by Azuga. Let’s dive into all you need to know about dashcams in this comprehensive guide.

5 Ways Dash Cams Promote Safety

Dashcams, first and foremost, are investments in your fleet’s safety. They can accomplish so much more than you might expect. Let’s explore how dashcams improve road safety.

No. 1: Enhanced Accident Evidence Collection

The police can’t be everywhere, and drivers cannot always rely on eyewitness accounts if they get into car accidents that are not their fault. Luckily, dashcams can prove who is to blame by taking real-time footage of accidents and what happens before and after them.

Dashcams deliver an objective account of accident events without the risk of disputes. This recording also comes in handy in a hit-and-run incident where your camera can record the perpetrator’s license plate if you cannot do so in time.

Unfortunately, accidents do occur. You might find yourself in a situation where you or one of your fleet members are the cause. You might also be unsure whose fault the accident was. It’s often difficult to recall the details of a traumatic event. In this case, dashcams come in handy by providing an accurate account of what happened. 

No. 2: Encouraging Safe Driving Habits

This goes hand in hand with the increased sense of accountability that comes with utilizing dashcams when you drive. If you can review the footage of your drivers’ unsafe habits, you can actively make changes to improve driver safety.

This accountability means that, as a whole, you are less likely to receive citations for unsafe driving that could negatively affect your driving records and the driving records of your fleet. Dashcams record continuously when you start driving. At the end of the day or even the end of the week, you can review the footage and pick up on any bad habits you might not notice otherwise.

No. 3: Using Dash Cam Footage for Driver Training

Initial and regular training is essential to establishing positive driving habits. Otherwise, drivers’ safety motivation may fall stagnant. Training must include more than a boring slideshow or speaking to a group. Dashcams can be training tools that contextualize and personalize training to make it more effective. For example, you can show real-life examples of dangerous behaviors occurring on real roads. Or, if you are personally coaching a driver, you can show them the actual incident that took place. Your training will be far more effective if you have dashcam footage on your side. 

No. 4: Insurance Claims Support and Reduced Premiums

With dashcams installed, you have proof of any incident when making an insurance claim. This documentation makes the insurance process go more smoothly. Furthermore, insurance companies believe in the power of safe driving with dashcams. You can often obtain a discount on your premium for installing this technology in your vehicles. 

No. 5: Fraud Deterrent

Fraudsters love to target fleets for their scams, hoping for big insurance payouts. However, these criminals will be thwarted every time with the power of your dashcam. You can even install a sticker on your vehicle that alerts other drivers of the dashcam so they don’t attempt to pull any scams in the first place. 

Key Features to Consider for Dash Camera Safety

Not all dashcams are created equal. When doing your research, there are some essential dashcam safety functions you should look out for among the top-rated safety dash cameras.

Dual Dash Cameras

Dual-facing cameras record not only the road but everything that’s happening within the cab. This is what gives dashcams the power not only to support you in an accident but to prevent them in the first place. You can monitor driver behavior and receive alerts when drivers exhibit concerning habits. 

Video Resolution

You can’t exonerate yourself in the event of an accident with grainy footage. The best dashcams record in 1080p. 

Night Vision

This feature is a necessity If you have fleet drivers operating after dark. Night vision dashcams have infrared LEDs that support better visibility at night. 

Field of View

Look for a dashcam with a wide field of view so you don’t miss anything in the case of an accident. Make sure your dashcam can record everything happening on the road.

Loop Recording

Of course, you don’t want to worry about running out of storage. Loop recording is a feature in which dashcams continually record over the oldest footage to ensure constant coverage. 

GPS and Speed Tracking

Tracking driver behavior is critical in preventing accidents. Your dashcam should be able to record your drivers’ speed at any time. If an accident occurs, you can prove your driver wasn’t speeding. In many cases, you can prevent an accident in the first place.

Azuga's Dual Dash Cameras

It’s clear that dashcams provide peace of mind for your safety and the safety of your fleet drivers. They provide the assurance that there is accountability among drivers and that you will always have an eyewitness account if anything goes awry — on the road or off. The most critical aspect of dashcam technology is that it helps to improve driver safety among the members of your fleet as they navigate the roads. 

There’s no dashcam better than the AI SafetyCam for tracking driver behavior. Our dashcam connects with our fleet management software to provide a comprehensive management experience. Try a demo and see what you can accomplish with the right tools. To learn more about dual-facing dashcams and artificial intelligence-driven dashcams, schedule a dash cam demo today. Also, check out some related reading on the subject below.

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