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How Does Summer Heat Affect Vehicles?

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This summer has been particularly hot for everyone. It’s hard to be a fleet operator in these months. The heat can be dangerous for drivers, and it affects vehicles too. Hopefully, you took heed of the tips in our blog posted before the heat wave: “10 Fleet Maintenance Tips for Summer.” However, even with the best preparations, summer can still cause issues in your fleet vehicles. Let’s explore more about how this summer heat can affect your trucks. 

Four Problems to Look Out For this Summer

Even with the best preparation, problems can still arise. This is especially true during a summer like this, where temperatures are reaching record highs in many states. Being aware of potential issues will help you act with efficiency if these problems arise. Let’s explore four factors to look out for. 

No. 1: Car Battery

Your battery is able to function due to a series of chemical processes. However, the heat can hinder these processes and make it difficult for your battery to charge and produce power. Not to mention, battery fluid tends to evaporate faster in hot environments. You can prepare for this problem by continuing your preventative maintenance and always carrying jumper cables with you. 

No. 2: Tire Pressure

We know that the weather has a significant effect on our tires’ pressure. Many people know to keep an eye on this during the winter, but they often forget about this issue in the summer. All changes in temperature affect tire pressure, so you should keep an eye on your tires regardless of the season. 

No. 3: Trouble Starting Your Vehicle

Fuel is also affected by the hot weather of summer. When your engine gets too hot, fuel doesn’t circulate as well. You should find adequate shade for your fleet vehicles– if you don’t have a garage for them, look for an alternate method of providing shade, even if it’s temporary for a few months. Also be sure to continue your preventative maintenance with a focus on coolants and fluids.

No. 4: Windshield Trouble

Cracks in your windshield are never a good thing. However, in the summer, you have to be particularly careful. The heat of summer can cause any crack to expand more rapidly, turning a small crack into a big problem fast.

Three Reminders for Your Vehicles This Summer

Preventative maintenance is just as important in summer as any other season. There are three areas you should pay particular attention to:

  • Oil: As with the other fluids we mentioned, oil is affected by the heat as well. Oil changes are crucial to ensuring your vehicles don’t run into significant maintenance issues. 
  • Fluids: You must consistently replenish your vehicles’ fluids. This doesn’t only lubricate parts, but also keeps your vehicle cool. Keep an eye on brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid. 
  • AC: Your drivers must have a working AC in the summer, otherwise the vehicle is an unsafe environment. Make sure you check your vehicles’ ACs often to ensure your drivers’ safety. 

Get Support This Summer from Azuga!

Azuga is here to help you keep your vehicles in their best condition year-round. We accomplish this with scheduled maintenance alerts. These alert you not only when your vehicle needs routine maintenance, but when unexpected issues arise as well. We’re here to catch any problems before your vehicles break down. Learn more about scheduled maintenance alerts by scheduling a demo with one of our experts. Also explore some related reading below. 

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