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What's the Best Fleet Maintenance Software?

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Maintenance so often falls through the cracks in fleet management, but why is this? We know that maintenance is essential. After all, it not only keeps fleet drivers safe but also saves money and keeps vehicles operating efficiently. However, time and time again, we run into unexpected maintenance issues that we could have avoided with preventative maintenance or a more closely followed maintenance plan. The truth is, maintenance is difficult to track. When you have a lot of vehicles on hand, each with a lot of moving parts, it can be tedious and nearly impossible to stay on top of each vehicle’s needs. That’s why you need an equipment maintenance log app. This will help you automatically track the maintenance required for your vehicles and equipment, allowing you to focus your efforts on other tasks.

But there are a lot of options out there when it comes to fleet maintenance software. How do you know what to look for in a software solution? We’ll review some of the features you’ll need in your maintenance software and the bases you want to cover. 

Maintenance Alerts

Why do maintenance needs fall through the cracks? Often, because we don’t know that problems are there in the first place. Telematics is a revolutionary vehicle technology that can give you all kinds of information about your vehicle, but it’s useless if that information doesn’t go anywhere. Look for fleet maintenance software hooked up to your vehicles’ telematics, so you can receive alerts whenever your vehicles need maintenance. When the system detects a problem, it should alert you immediately so you can take action right away. 

If you have a preventative maintenance plan, you may not think this feature is necessary. After all, you are already performing inspections at routine intervals. Still, with maintenance alerts, there is far less room for error. Furthermore, if a problem occurs while your driver is out on the road, you'll be alerted and can address it as soon as possible. 

However, maintenance alerts aren’t just for unexpected problems. You can also obtain helpful alerts when it’s time for routine maintenance. With so many things on your plate, it’s common to forget and miss when it’s time for your regular vehicle checkup. Maintenance alerts make it easy to schedule your maintenance appointments on time. And periodic maintenance appointments ensure your vehicles will always be in their best condition. 

Maintenance Logs

Manual maintenance logs are no longer feasible or necessary for the modern fleet. One of the first steps in creating a fleet maintenance plan is digitizing your maintenance log. Don’t worry; this doesn’t have to be an immense challenge. Fleet maintenance software solutions can do all the hard work for you. Look for software with maintenance logs that include the following data: 

  1. Date and mileage
  2. Service provider
  3. Service description
  4. Condition of the vehicle
  5. Service cost

You need this information to make critical decisions regarding your fleet’s vehicles. If you don’t have this information, you may make repairs repeatedly or spend too much time and money fixing your vehicles. Tracking this data ensures you have the complete picture before you make any decisions. 

Accessible Inspection Logs

Inspections are another critical part of a good fleet maintenance plan and are required for compliance with federal and state regulations. Your fleet maintenance software can play an essential role in this step. Your drivers or mechanics can take notes or perform their inspections directly within the fleet maintenance system, so all the information you need is in one place. This is important for multiple reasons. 

First, you want the data easily accessible, so you have it when making decisions. It can help you pinpoint common issues with a vehicle, maintenance that may not have been performed well, or even determine when it may be time to replace a vehicle. 

Secondly, you’ll also need to easily access these inspection records for the Department of Transportation in case of an inspection. This is a federal regulation, and your records must be digitized and accessible to be in compliance. 

What is the Best Maintenance Software? 

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