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10 Fleet Maintenance Tips for Summer

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Summer is on the horizon, and it’s time to start preparing a new maintenance plan for those hotter months ahead. It may seem that summer is an easier time for fleet maintenance. However, like the concerns we have for fleet maintenance for our vehicles in winter, we have seasonal concerns in summer as well. Let’s discuss what to watch out for this summer and how to adjust our maintenance plans. 

No. 1: Air Conditioner

Of course, your air conditioner may feel like the most important part of your vehicle in the summer. Before it’s time to start relying on the air conditioner, check the refrigerant. You’ll often find that the levels are low after long periods of disuse. 

No. 2: Cooling System

The last thing you want to happen this summer is for your engine to overheat, leaving your driver stranded in the heat. Low coolant levels are the top cause of this problem, so be sure to check regularly. Has your coolant been flushed in the last 24 months? If not, add that to your list to ensure your engine can handle the heat this summer. 

No 3: Air Filters

A lot is going through the air in the summer. Pollen, bugs, and dust are in abundance. If you don’t change it, it will only add to whatever is already clogging your air filter. The beginning of summer is the perfect time to do your annual air filter change. Remember that your air filters typically last 12,000 to 15,000 miles; change them sooner if necessary. 

No. 4: Tire Pressure

You’ve likely noticed that your tire pressure changes with weather changes. Hot air takes up more space than cold air. You should be checking tire pressure once per month. However, if the heat comes on quickly, give your tires an extra check to ensure they haven’t expanded too much. 

No. 5: Tire Quality

You may have been using certain tires for winter that are no longer necessary for summer. Or, the harsh winter conditions may have worn your tires down more than you expected. Either way, check your tires and ensure they are in proper condition for the hot roads ahead. 

No. 6: Brakes

When it comes to safety, brakes are probably the most important part of your vehicle. And the summer can be tough on them. Summer heat can cause issues with your brake fluid. It’s a phenomenon known as “brake fade.” 

You should avoid storing your vehicles outside if possible and avoid slamming on the brakes if you can. If you live in a hot climate, consider upgrading brake components like brake pads. But most importantly, always keep up with preventative maintenance so you never have to worry about your brakes failing. 

No. 7: Wiper Blades

Dealing with snow, wind, and rain is hard on your wiper blades. Now that it’s summer, it’s a perfect time to replace them! You should replace your wiper blades annually. This ensures you’re never in a situation where you’re stuck out in the rain and your wiper blades fail. 

No. 8: Oil

Of course, you should change your oil as part of a regular maintenance routine. But if you’re already performing maintenance for the beginning of summer, why not check on your oil? It never hurts to be careful about these things, and part of preventative maintenance is always staying one step ahead. 

No. 9: Battery

The cold winter months can put severe stress on your battery. That’s why you often find it harder to start your vehicle on cold mornings. At the start of summer, check your battery’s levels to ensure that you have enough to get through the summer. Also, check the connections, remove any dirt or grease, and ensure there isn’t any corrosion. This will improve your connection so you can get better flow. 

No. 10: Always Perform Routine Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about doing maintenance alone; Azuga is here to help. Our maintenance alerts can help you track when maintenance is due, or when your vehicle is having issues that you need to resolve immediately. Discuss your fleet’s needs with one of our experts to see how we can help you accomplish your goals.