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Introducing SafetyIQ: Revolutionizing Fleet Safety

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In a survey of 300 commercial fleet operators, 48% reported driver safety as a top priority. Telematics data can be a powerful tool in this respect. The key is to be able to combine data from many sources to support a holistic view.

Azuga’s SafetyIQ fleet technology fits the bill. Think of it as a telematics data toolkit to unlock insights for fleet safety innovation.

See how SafetyIQ is helping reduce risk, deepen visibility, and empower safety.

Understanding SafetyIQ: An Overview

SafetyIQ is a SaaS platform that connects vehicle data in a centralized place. The platform enriches, analyzes, and integrates data from multiple sources into a fleet’s business workflows. SafetyIQ is telematic service provider (TSP) agnostic, making it easy to bring together data securely into a single stream.

Many operators have large datasets but need more context to create actionable plans. SafetyIQ fleet technology provides this context. Operators can customize the platform to access the raw and enriched data they want to see. With unified insights into driver risk, they can create a roadmap for a safety-first environment

Traditionally, building comprehensive telematics programs has been costly, requiring rich expertise. SafetyIQ simplifies things. Data comes together in a turnkey solution that is solution-based and enterprise-ready.

In all these ways, SafetyIQ is revolutionizing fleet management for the better.

Key Features of SafetyIQ

SafetyIQ comes with several features to support fleet safety innovation. Within the SaaS platform, you’ll find the following capabilities:

  • Event reconstruction: Recreate the scenes of fleet driver events and trips. Use this enhanced visibility to assess risk and improve safety.
  • Analytics and data visualizations: Easily share telematics data with risk control teams. Empower more data-driven conversations.
  • Fleet risk assessments: Analyze driver behavior, fleet characteristics, and route quality. Use the insights to guide plans and decisions.
  • Driver risk assessments: Gain a better understanding of driver behavior. Relate these behaviors to any impacts on fleet risk.

One of the advantages of SafetyIQ is that you only pay for the data you need. You can get immediate access to relevant features that support fleet safety innovation. All the while, you'll save any unnecessary costs.

SafetyIQ also makes it effortless to scale up when needed. The SaaS platform can handle any level of telematics, from small businesses with a few trucks to enterprise organizations with extensive fleets. As your business grows, SafetyIQ is ready to grow with you.

SafetyIQ in Action: Enhancing Fleet Safety

With telematics data fed through SafetyIQ, operators access alerts, notifications, actionable insights, and visual analytics. These elements work together to reduce risk.

One challenge fleets face in driving performance is a need for benchmarking data. SafetyIQ supplies this data to support fleet safety innovation. Operators can compare their overall risk levels against Milliman scores. They can also pinpoint areas contributing to higher risk, such as driver behavior. From there, they can come up with targeted interventions to improve safety.

At the same time, SafetyIQ provides predictive analytics that keep vehicles safe on the road. Operators can use SafetyIQ’s location intelligence to monitor hazardous driving areas. These red zones could be areas where accidents are common or places on the map experiencing adverse weather. In either case, SafetyIQ can alert operators so they can set up geofences around these areas. Doing so suggests alternate routes that keep drivers out of harm’s way.

The Impact of SafetyIQ on Fleet Management

SafetyIQ is revolutionizing fleet management in a broader sense. While fueling safer operations, the platform also offers benefits from a claims perspective.

One such benefit is the automatic initiation of first notice of loss (FNOL). Alongside the ability to review crash data, your team can handle claims more efficiently and accurately. It’s also worth noting that insights into driver behavior help reduce the need for insurance claims in the first place.

The availability of fleet data can also support the insurance quoting and renewal process. Proof of safe driving behaviors can help fleet operators negotiate lower premiums. The same sentiment applies to regular vehicle maintenance.

At an even broader level, SafetyIQ helps fleet operators account for modern trends. Expenses are growing. Business models are changing. Preferences are evolving. Integrating data from multiple sources helps operators make better fleet management decisions for the future.

The Future of Fleet Safety with SafetyIQ

SafetyIQ fleet technology has a footprint in the future of fleet management. The SaaS platform provides endless opportunities to use telematics data to fuel fleet safety innovation. You’ll curb losses from risky driving and adverse events and gain actionable insights to improve safety and minimize costs.

Ready to make SafetyIQ part of your fleet safety initiatives? Request a demo. You’ll see first-hand how you can use connected vehicle data to your advantage.