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Leverage the power of connected vehicle data to gain actionable insights for natural disasters

Every fleet wants to create a safety culture that keeps not only drivers safe but also everyone else on the road. By connecting vehicles with fleet management software, prioritizing safety becomes easier than ever! You can accomplish anything with our Safety IQ features, including calculating your fleet risk and changing driver behavior. You can also manage risk with geographical data or reconstruct trips and events to make them safer. Visualize your fleet and assess risk for insurance purposes. There are endless ways you can use this data. Azuga’s Safety IQ demo lets you see how our safety features work in just two easy steps. 

To kick off the demo, first, select how many vehicles you have. We support fleets of all sizes, from as few as four vehicles to enterprise fleets over 100 vehicles strong. Then, you will enter your email address. From there, enter your contact information, including your first name, last name, telephone number, and company’s name. This makes it easy for us to reach you to provide you with your demo. 

Azuga’s technology is top-of-the-line, particularly when it comes to safety. We are experts in fleet management, and we can bring our expertise to your fleet at prices that meet your needs.