How Can You Use Dashcam Footage?

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If you’ve been in the fleet management sphere for a while, you’ve likely heard a lot of hype about dashcams. They are immensely popular among fleet managers for a wide variety of reasons. Dashcams have many uses, some of which may take time to be apparent. Let’s go over some different ways you can use dashcam footage in your daily operations and overall management. 

Exonerating Drivers

The main reason that managers implement dashcams in their fleets is to exonerate drivers in the event of an accident. Azuga has found that 70% of accidents involving fleet drivers are not the fleet driver’s fault. Fraudsters often target fleets as the victims of insurance scams. They will intentionally cause accidents and attempt to collect insurance payouts from the incident. As a result, your fleet may have to endure higher insurance rates, hours of court proceedings, and a damaged reputation. 

Dashcams can help your business avoid this problem altogether. They automatically record the events of an accident. These recordings can be used in court to prove the other drivers’ fault in the accident. Hard evidence like video footage wraps up the case quickly and in your favor. 

Training Courses

Training is often useless without context. Dashcams can help provide real-life context to the training concepts you’re trying to teach. For example, suppose you’re trying to train drivers how a safe following distance can avoid accidents. In that case, a video of a driver avoiding an accident due to their safe following distance is a great asset. You can even manually turn on the dashcam and record examples of safe turning, braking, and maneuvering intersections. 

Drivers respond better to seeing the lessons they are learning played out in real life. It is far more effective for training than watching presentations or listening to lectures.

Coaching After Incidents

Even the best drivers make mistakes. Good managers know to respond with actionable coaching that benefits everyone. Dashcams can be helpful in coaching drivers out of bad habits or after an unsafe incident. For example, a driver may have a habit of harsh braking. To coach that driver, you can pull dashcam footage of the incidents where that driver has employed harsh braking. Together, you can analyze the context, determine why the driver brakes that way, and discuss how to handle the situation better. 

Just like with training, people learn better with context. This is especially true when you may be highlighting a negative habit that a driver has. Coming in with examples and ways the behavior can be positively changed makes a world of difference. 

What Dashcam Is Best for the Job?

Azuga’s AI SafetyCam uses AI technology to automatically track many concerning driver behaviors. This dashcam pairs with Azuga’s comprehensive fleet management system to give you everything you could want from your dashcam. Accomplish everything mentioned in this article and more. Discuss your goals with one of our experts today to see how we can help you achieve them. 

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