How Fleet Dashcams Are Helping Drivers Better See the Road Ahead

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Dashcams are becoming a staple in fleets worldwide for keeping fleets safe and protecting them from liability in the event of an accident. They are now a critical part of fleet management. There are many benefits to using dashcams for your fleet, and if you’re not taking advantage of them already, you certainly should be. Your fleet will thrive in many ways once you start using dashcams in your vehicles. AI dashcams are even better because they use smart technology to detect even more. This article will explain how dashcams help improve your fleet’s safety. 

Detecting Unsafe Behaviors in the Cab

AI dashcams are known for seeing things on the road, but this is not their only purpose. They also see what’s going on inside the cab. You can’t be with your drivers all the time, but your dashcams can alert you when unsafe behaviors occur in your vehicles. They can track all kinds of driver behaviors, including the following: 

  • Eating and Drinking
  • Using the Phone
  • Smoking
  • Yawning / Fatigue
  • Face not visible
  • Not Focused

When the dashcam sees these behaviors, it will first alert the driver to correct their mistake. However, if the behavior continues, it will alert the manager to take corrective action as necessary. Dashcams are excellent resources that keep your drivers, cargo, and everyone on the road safe. 

Detecting Unsafe Behavior on the Road

A dashcam isn’t helpful if it can’t catch danger on the road. There are all kinds of circumstances that a dashcam can detect. Of course, they can see the events surrounding an accident, but they can also see driver behavior on the road. This includes issues like hard braking, rapid acceleration, or exceeding the speed limit. The dashcam responds to these situations the same way that it does to in-cab infractions. It will first alert the driver, then the manager. It is another way to ensure that your fleet is safe. 

Tracking Dangerous Habits

Stopping dangerous habits when they occur is important, but it is not always a long-term solution for promoting safety for your fleet. You need to ensure that your drivers are engaging in safe behavior overall. The first step in doing so is knowing where they stand, and to do this, you need data on their driver behavior. Dashcams can provide this data with records of safety events. These records help you detect whether there are patterns of unsafe behavior with one or more of your drivers. You can address issues head-on, even using personalized, contextual footage from the dashcam for training. Your dashcam can help you every step of the way to promote safety for your fleet. 

Creating and Monitoring Safety Scores

Another way to promote safety within your fleet is by measuring safety in a quantifiable way. For example, Azuga uses safety scores based on a driver’s safety events to determine how safe each driver is on the road. It is challenging to quantify safety if you do not have the right tools at your disposal, and dashcams are just the tools you need. Azuga’s fleet management software takes the safety data recorded from your dashcams and automatically generates a safety score. You can use this data to determine raises or bonuses, reward drivers every month, or select drivers for personalized coaching. It makes it easy to see how your drivers are doing at a glance. 

Improving Training

Initial and regular training is essential to establishing positive driving habits. Otherwise, drivers’ safety motivation may fall stagnant. Training cannot just consist of a boring slideshow or speaking to a group. Dashcams provide training tools that contextualize and personalize training to make it more effective. For example, you can show real-life examples of dangerous behaviors occurring on real roads. Or, if you are personally coaching a driver, you can show them the actual incident that took place. Your training will be far more effective if you have dashcam footage on your side. 

The AI SafetyCam

There’s no dashcam better than the AI SafetyCam for tracking driver behavior. Our dashcam connects with our fleet management software to provide you with a comprehensive management experience. Try a demo and see what you can accomplish with the right tools.