Exonerate Your Drivers with Safety Cam and Collision Reconstruction

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Seventy percent of accidents are not the fault of your fleet drivers. Despite this, fraudsters will often try to capitalize on these collisions to redirect blame. Scammers will target fleet vehicles to get bigger payouts following an accident. As a leader in fleet safety–understanding that accidents are not entirely unavoidable–Azuga has taken steps to help you prove that your drivers are not at fault for an accident. Azuga’s fleet management software has incorporated state-of-the-art AI technology for fleets, using three core solutions to back up drivers. These advancements in fleet AI technologies provide an enhanced driver monitoring system, the ability to identify risky events, along with collision detection and reconstruction.

No. 1: Driver Monitoring System

First, the driver monitoring system comes into play. Azuga’s SafetyCam AI captures videos of everything that happens both inside and outside of the vehicle. Whenever the system detects risky behavior, it begins recording right away. Your drivers will also have access to a panic button that they can use to record in the event of an emergency. 

The AI can detect more than you might think: 

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Phone use
  • Smoking
  • Yawning
  • Fatigue

The system also detects vibrations in the vehicle and collisions. You can even monitor lane departure and tailgating if you calibrate it with your ADAS system. Anything that you could learn from being in the passenger seat of your fleet vehicles all the time, you can learn from Azuga’s AI driver monitoring system. 

No. 2: Identify Risky Events

Azuga’s software has a neural learning network. This network will analyze the events captured by the driver monitoring system and tag them. These tags serve to help fleet managers more easily identify what is causing these risky events to occur. For example, if you notice a rise in driver yawning and lane drifting, you may have highlighted a severe fatigue problem with one of your drivers. 

No. 3: Collision Detection and Reconstruction

When a collision does occur, you need all the information you can get. You may already be beginning to see how the information we’re gathering is helpful. Collision detection detects and alerts fleet managers when crashes occur and gives general insights into the event. Meanwhile, collision reconstruction goes even deeper and provides visual data of the entire event that led up to the collision. 

A collision reconstruction includes the following information: 

  • Date and Time of Accident
  • Direction of Impact
  • Force of Impact
  • Weather at the time of the Accident
  • Location of Accident - Map representation
  • The route taken before the accident - Map representation
  • Street View of Route and Accident location
  • Replay of Accident 
  • Video of Accident 
  • Graphical representations 
  • Speed
  • Longitudinal Acceleration (Acceleration/Deceleration)
  • Lateral Acceleration (Right/Left turn)

With the data on your side, it’s easy to see how exonerating drivers can quickly sway in your favor. 

Benefits of SafetyCam AI and Collision Reconstruction

There is a wide array of benefits that you can enjoy with this technology. 

  • Instantly access the facts and context surrounding a collision event
  • Exonerate drivers when they are not at fault for an accident
  • Quickly resolve insurance claims
  • Save money on litigation
  • Coach drivers with data obtained from collisions and near-collisions to avoid repeat mistakes

Try Azuga’s Software for Yourself

Azuga is a leader in the fleet industry. Our advanced fleet technology optimizes every aspect of your fleet operations, from safety to savings. The AI SafetyCam and Collision Reconstruction technology solutions are only part of the puzzle. Get an idea of our complete fleet management offerings by seeing a demo of our software with one of our experts today.