Fleet Care Made Easy for Lawn Care Companies

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You’re a landscaping business, and let’s say it’s late April. Summer is approaching.

You’re advising your regular customers about proper lawn care while they’re on  vacation so they don’t return to a sad scene. While they’re busy with tickets and travel details, you remind them that the cool weather is going to turn hot and dry in less than three weeks.

Your mind is where it belongs: on your customers and how you can serve their landscaping and lawn care needs best.

What Your Fleet Could Be Missing

You then find there’s a vehicle in your landscaping fleet missing, along with a couple of riding mowers. This is unthinkable—here you are telling a customer that their lawn shouldn’t be mown to any less than 3.5” but if it has grown tall, then this can’t be done in one go because you shouldn’t be cutting more than a third of the blade’s length at a time—and you have a tracing and vehicle retrieval challenge on your hands.

This is going to cost you steeply. Replacement is going to cost over $10,000 at the least. There are the unattended or lost customers and there’s the cost of the other lawn care equipment, whether that’s a blower, a push mower or something else like a trailer. In all, quite a severe dent for your business. This is a risk you don’t want to be taking, and one that can be tackled by a GPS fleet tracking solution.

Fleet Solution for Lawn & Landscaping Cos. Does a Lot More Than Tracking

GPS Tracking also addresses some of your landscaping business’s other day-to-day operational challenges—vehicle maintenance, unauthorized vehicle use, and team productivity.

Every industry has its unique pressures—and in the Landscaping business, the time pressure is due to the seasons. Lawn customers mostly call during the spring and summer, when most of the mowing and trimming are done and for cleanups during the fall. There is off-season and there are the busy months, during which every hour is precious. Your company’s productivity is key because labor costs keep rising.

During peak lawn care activity, the business owner hopes nothing will go wrong in dispatching, arrival, fuel use, vehicle use, or customer service. Customers want answers – how soon will your crew arrive and start work? You can know with accuracy from your GPS landscaping fleet solution.

In addition, good practices enabled by an understanding of a fleet’s data can reduce vehicle wear and tear by as much as 53%, which translates into savings in fleet maintenance.

For Your Fleet’s Productivity, Safety and ROI

There are a few key business priorities to be managed. You want your vehicles to run smoothly during the busiest hours of the peak season. Vehicles and materials have to be used to serve your customers efficiently and not diverted towards other ends. Your fleet operations have to be not only safe, but they must also comply with OSHA regulations.

Azuga works with landscaping fleets to ensure the crews are at the correct sites, you know the exact time they left a particular site, and you’re aware of any vehicles in use after hours. Every detail is easily viewed on your dashboard because your data is valuable –  whether all your fleet vehicles are furthering your business every hour of your workday. You’ll have reliable proof of service so that any disputes can be resolved on the basis of recorded facts. You’ll also have:

  • Maintenance tracking and alerts
  • Better reputation through safe driving practices
  • On-time arrivals with more efficient dispatching
  • Less fuel waste and excess idling
  • Accurate arrival times for customers
  • The ability to dispatch the closest vehicle when an urgent need comes up

At Azuga, we recommend taking an overall fleet management perspective that includes rewards for improved performance and productivity. A GPS Fleet Tracking Solution should not only address vehicle monitoring, but it should also help retain good performers and recover its deployment cost in the landscaping fleet within a few months.