Gains from GPS Fleet Tracking for Lawn & Landscaping Companies

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In the lawn and landscaping business, an important part of one’s business expertise is making reasonably accurate estimates of how long a job should actually take, given its size. It goes without saying that you should have a knack for hiring people who have integrity.

There are some other things that you can’t take chances with, such as ensuring that your equipment is safe and undergoes no damage while moving from site to site. In a competitive business, you want to make sure your investments are working for you with the highest efficiency possible.

How can the right technology add efficiency to your operations and boost your business?

It all starts with where

The first thing is you or your supervisor is going to exactly know a vehicle’s location at a given time. Is the vehicle already on its way to the first job site of the day, or making a stopover somewhere and running late? Is the vehicle lingering around the site when the job should have completed, and it ought to have started on its return? What’s that route now—an unauthorized side trip? When you get a firm grip on all this—valuable fuel and work-hours are saved.

Even here, GPS tracking systems have been around forever, and have focused on just the ‘gotcha’. Azuga launched GPS with Driver Rewards to ensure that you can do all this but with an ‘attaboy’.

Depending on if you run a residential or commercial landscaping business, you can choose a suitable deployment strategy for the use of fleet tracking devices. While it helps you guard your equipment, it’s a fact that you need to avoid employee resentment due to the monitoring. Azuga has a unique rewards approach – our experience shows that carrot is more effective than the stick.

Safe to say that time is money

When you deploy a GPS solution, timesheet accuracy gets ensured, and it becomes possible to reward hard-working employees for their punctuality and productivity. Timestamp data also helps in avoiding customer disputes about when a vehicle left their premises. Azuga’s fleet solution includes valuable features such as Distracted Driving prevention, which can keep your drivers out of accidents. Another benefit is that of route optimization, you can pick the team who are to proceed to a new customer site on the basis of which one will take the least time, or have to travel the least number of miles. This feature also reduces waste of fuel, and improves your response time.

A committed fleet solution provider should help a lawn and landscaping company in several areas—team safety and vehicle safety, better operational efficiency, reduction of unauthorized activity, timesheets, and job scheduling. Azuga provides customized reports that help businesses to achieve the targeted improvements they are aiming for, in just a few months.