ELD Compliance Deadline Preparation Checklist #5: Your ELD Provider

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With the upcoming deadline for FMCSA HOS/DVIR reporting, Azuga has created a series of checklists to help you ensure a smooth transition from paper logs to e-logs. So far, we’ve covered just about everything on your side: vehicles, drivers, fleet managers and administrators, and your business, along with your customers. This week’s blog focuses on what to look for and expect from your ELD solution provider.

ELD Prep Checklist 5: Your ELD Provider

  • Ensure that the capabilities of your ELD solution go beyond FMCSA compliance and help you get a more substantial ROI on your investment in technology
  • Ensure that your ELD solution has all of the components you’ll need, including dedicated hardware, mounting kits, a highly usable interface, and clear reports
  • Ensure that your chosen solution is a registered ELD
  • Ensure that your ELD solution provider offers the level of support needed by your fleet managers and administrators, as well as your drivers
  • Request the ELD solution information packets to place in each vehicle

Determine the mettle of your ELD provider. Can you get a solution that includes vehicle diagnostics, driver rewards, and geofencing, all within a monthly cost without hardware and installation expenses?

The simplest step is to look up your provider on FMCSA’s list of registered providers. Still, it’s more important to assess their technology chops—whether they can upgrade you in the future to state-of-the-art technology backed up with dependable support.

You should ask to check out the user interface to see how easy it is for your company’s users to use it. Will your ELD provider offer ideas and help on promoting acceptance among drivers and fleet managers? What sort of support do they offer if you run into trouble? Do they have a robust help system in place? Talk to them about all of your concerns before your purchase.

December is for holiday shopping, not ELDs!

Now you are all set to accomplish a speedy and effective ELD implementation! You know the items to plan for and the steps to take. There’s no time to lose as savvy fleet managers are in the implementation process at this time and are not waiting for the eleventh hour. Moving now will help you ensure a smooth deployment and give time for training and ironing out niggling issues.

Don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with Azuga to get started!