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ELD Compliance Deadline Preparation: Checklist #2: Drivers

September 11, 2017

With the upcoming deadline for FMCSA HOS/DVIR reporting, Azuga has created a series of checklists to help you ensure a smooth transition from paper logs to e-logs. Our last blog post reviewed steps related to your vehicle. This week’s blog post focuses on getting drivers ready.

ELD Prep Checklist 2: DRIVERS

It’s a very useful step to hold an orientation session for all your drivers to let them know in detail how their concerns are adequately addressed in the ELD mandate. There are a number of things for a driver to look forward to. Some of them are:

Drivers’ rights and privileges are protected, and the mandate has made specific provisions so that drivers cannot be harassed by inspectors or their fleet manager. There are limits placed on the extent of permissible tracking, and drivers will have access to their own records.

For example, the ELD device can be muted during sleep hours. Also, the location accuracy is extended to a 10-mile radius during personal time, with only hourly updates. While on duty, the accuracy is up to a mile radius.

Fleets can reward their drivers with perks and cash incentives in recognition of their improved contribution to fuel saving, punctuality, and safety.