Azuga Fleet Manager Awards Q2-2018

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Azuga has just announced its Fleet Manager awards for the quarter, and their performance continues to inspire! The top 10 fleets for the quarter all had less than 1.5 events per 1,000 miles. 91% of all Azuga fleets had 2 or more events per 1,000 miles and these top 10 fleets have all displayed exceptional focus on safety.

Each quarter, Azuga arrives at the fleets with the lowest Risk Score with the most miles driven by compiling the aggregated driving behavior of all drivers of a fleet.

The selection process for the eventual winners, identified from a pool of more than 5,000 fleets, is one of precision and rigor. For Fleet Manager awards for the quarter, only fleets with a minimum of 10 vehicles and 50,000 miles of driving in the quarter are eligible for the awards. The performance of these winners is reflective of the dramatic improvements in aggressive driving metrics in Azuga customers’ fleets.

“An incredible act to balance productivity, timely customer service and safe driving. Every quarter, we find new standards set. The best performances come from rewards-driven fleet tracking where natural forces play out to inspire drivers to greater heights" said Ananth Rani, co-founder, and CEO of Azuga.

  1. Ko Olina Transportation, Hawaii – Passenger/tourist Fleet plying along the picturesque coastline in Oahu comprising Lincoln MKT 2013, Lincoln MKT 2014 and Lincoln MKT 2015 vehicles. About 50-55% of their trips are less than 5 miles and about 25% of trips are longer than 25 miles. Exceptional safety record with just 0.19 risky events per 1000 miles.
  2. Broetje Orchards LLC – fruit farming company (about 6000 acres) that grows and packs pears, apples and cherries in Washington State. An organization with a values mission which aids community development at several global locations. Volvo trucks (VNL64T models) comprise over half their fleet and they have Kenworth T-600/T800 models. Safety record – 0.20 events per 1000 miles
  3. C Trans. Inc – fleet comprises a mix of Freightliners, International, Sterling and Volvo makes. Safety record – 0.32 events per 1000 miles. C Trans is a 3rd party logistics company with operations in Oakland, LA/Long Beach and Stockton, California. They specialize in Integrated warehousing, Transloading, and Trucking. C Trans services have over 50 years of experience in providing customers with customized, time-sensitive services that link their customers in the global economy.

These are companies which use Driver scores, visible to fleet managers and workers alike, as an important tool for recognizing good driving behaviors and identifying areas where coaching is needed.

We are proud to announce the names of the winning Fleet Managers of the Quarter—Q2 2018.

The following lists all of the fleet managers from the quarter of 2018:

Fleet Managers

  1. Denny Walker – Ko Olina Transportation
  2. Jum Ruffcorn – Broetje Orchards LLC
  3. Roger Wing – C Trans. Inc
  4. Henry Vryenhoek – National Motor Coach Systems
  5. Mike Laguna – Geokinetics
  6. Robert Harris – Gregs Petroleum
  7. Ramiro Santana – Randall Foods, Inc.
  8. Charity Borger – Scobee Powerline Construction
  9. Steve Thomas – Consumers Concrete Corporation
  10. Nathan Getschel – Step Energy Services Ltd