6 KPIs To Improve Your Business With Field Service Management Software

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When it comes to business, there’s no such thing as resting on your laurels. You need to evolve and continuously reevaluate yourself to make all the necessary improvements to keep the proper pace. To do that, you must understand what problem areas exist in your business. That’s why Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help companies understand the state of their business to help make the adjustments needed for them to continue to improve.

Making Use of Technology

One adjustment you must make is to ensure you stay ahead of the digital curve. Nowadays, it’s unheard of for a field-based service business not to use computers or mobile devices. Unfortunately, many field service-based businesses still rely on manual processes to schedule appointments, track employees, monitor job statuses, manage inventory, and more. All of this manual work wastes a lot of time.

What’s more, many businesses don’t even realize their tried and trusted methods to get the job done just aren’t efficient anymore. Today, there’s no excuse — because there are so many ways to improve your productivity and boost revenue with field service management software. For example, custom field service software from Azuga can help you embrace digital solutions to make your business run optimally, giving you a competitive edge. 

Everyone in your organization and their efficiency has an impact on KPIs as well. It’s an important consideration to consider because we all know unforeseen circumstances happen, such as vehicle breakdowns, canceled appointments, and employee sick leave, to name a few. 

So, how can you identify the most crucial metrics that enable your business to grow? What areas should you be monitoring? KPIs allow companies to gain insight into their performance metrics and understand exactly where they need to improve. Here are six key performance indicators in field service management you should monitor to optimize your service process and improve your business:

  1. Being On Time

Time is money, right? When you reach the client’s place business at the right time, that means half your job is done. Technicians face many difficulties and challenges when accessing the customer’s business. For example, they may get stuck in the traffic, take the wrong route, miss addresses, and more. Azuga Field Service Management helps with GPS tracking, route optimization, and seamless scheduling, boosting on-time service to make you more efficient. 

  1. Speedy Service

Whether it’s a seasoned or novice technician, you want to boost every service provider’s speed in your organization. That means equipping them with all the state-of-the-art technology, the right equipment, well-tracked scheduling, and effective dispatching. Those tools enable your technicians to perform two tasks in the place of one, so you’re dramatically increasing your productivity.

  1. Increase First-Time Fixes

Let’s say you repeatedly visit a customer’s home for service. When doing so, you need to consider fuel costs, fleet vehicle maintenance, and technician costs. It all adds up while you lose profits, affecting your bottom line. That’s why it pays to fix it right the first time. You’ll streamline your services by providing the required client history, the right tools and equipment, and route optimization with field service management software. You’ll be able to facilitate first-time fix rates while increasing business productivity and customer satisfaction.

  1. Customer Support

When you increase customer support and call volumes, you’re helping transform your consumers into customers. When organizations grow and are able to handle customer calls, they’re effectively managing customer details. Field service management software helps track and collect data about customer calls, manage customer history, and more.

  1. The Customer is King

Let’s face it; customers are the foundation of any business’s success. You must maintain a healthy customer engagement to build strong relationships and turn those who count on you into loyal customers. Field service management software with its intuitive technology and apps helps you better understand your customers’ requirements, enabling you to serve them better and boost customer satisfaction. 

  1. Employee Turnover

You want to do everything possible to hang on to your best employees and keep their morale and job satisfaction high. However, you can easily lose employees and technicians if you follow manual processes. There’s no question: slow and manual processes overload your employees and put undue pressure on them. This all leads to low morale and, ultimately, a high employee turnover rate. Field service management software offers easy scheduling, dispatching, maintenance, financial management, data and report collection, and other business insights. You can accomplish all of these things automatically with field service management software from Azuga. 

As you can see, field service management software has many advantages and can make the difference for your business. Azuga field service management solutions can boost efficiency, profits, and employee and customer satisfaction. For more information on how field service management solutions from Azuga can benefit your business, contact us at customercare@azuga.com or call 1-866- 804-5667.