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Empower Customers through Field Service Management Software

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Strengthening your customers’ ability to communicate with you can help your field service business improve customer satisfaction. It will ensure that you deliver stellar customer service, access customer intelligence insights, and empower customers with a mobile workforce. This might be challenging, but it can all be done effectively with field service management software.

Customer Intelligence in Field Service Management 

Customer intelligence can be extremely beneficial for field service organizations. What is customer intelligence? It is information taken from customer data that can help you better understand customer behavior and drive your business growth.

The information that customer intelligence comes from may include demographic data, psychographic data, behavioral data, customer sentiment, customer preferences, customer purchase history, survey data, and data about social media, just to name a few potential sources.

Many field service businesses are improving customer interaction and gaining customer intelligence through field service management software.

Why Customer Intelligence is Important for Field Service Management

Customer intelligence is vital for field service management because it can supply your company with information that can improve your business and boost your organization’s revenue, customer acquisition rate, number of repeat purchases, and more.

Many different parts of a field service business can use customer intelligence data in places like the head office, the marketing department, and the customer experience department. All these areas can improve their operations and increase efficiencies with the insights that customer intelligence provides.

Customer intelligence can help organizations improve their field service management operations, too.

How Field Service Management Software Empowers Customers 

Field service management software can not only be used to gain key customer intelligence insights — it can also be utilized to empower your customers.

Empowering customers can lead to higher customer satisfaction rates — and customers want the leverage that technology gives them. Salesforce found that “89% of customers want to see modern technology applied to their technician scheduling and nearly as many would be willing to pay a premium for it.”

Here are some of the ways that field service management software enables companies to empower their customers.

Provide Self-Service Capabilities 

Field management software can help FSM-based companies empower their customers by providing them with self-service portals. These digital portals give customers easier access to support, as they are available 24/7 and fully automated.

With self-service portals, you give the customer the freedom to access information and perform routine tasks by themselves and on their own schedule. Self-service portals save field service companies from time-consuming phone calls that would be used to perform the same functions.

Through self-service portals, customers can request a site visit or service order at their own convenience with just a few clicks. They can also update their account details through the portal. Customers can access additional information on their service from the company, such as their maintenance history.

Let your new customer satisfaction systemdo the heavy lifting with field service management software and self-service portals.

Keep Customers Updated on Service Requests

Customers rely on field service employees to perform critical tasks. Sometimes, customers can get anxious about the status of their service requests. 

A great way to empower customers is by providing them with a way to check on their service requests digitally. Field service management software can ensure that customers always have access to the status of their service requests.

Field service management software also provides additional communication channels between both your employees and your customers. With it, you can react in real-time as the situation changes.

For example, if a service call runs longer than expected, the fieldworker can alert their field service manager that they are running overtime. The field service manager can then dispatch another available field worker to fill-in and update the customer.

When customers are empowered by having multiple communication channels with your field service organization, they are more likely to notify you if they have to cancel or change the time of an appointment. Being informed of these changes can help your organization run more smoothly.

Personalize Your Service

Personalization is a compelling way to empower customers. When customers receive highly personalized service, they feel taken care of and feel that they matter. This makes them more likely to become repeat customers and refer others to your company.

Field service management software can help your business personalize its service as well. With it, you can collect and store data about your customers and their needs, including detailed service history.

When field workers show up to a job, they will know what is going on, the issue they are there to solve, their previous work orders, and what approaches have been tried previously. Customers will appreciate not having to repeat themselves to explain the problem over and over.

If a technician is scheduled last-minute to service a customer that they are unfamiliar with, it is easy for them to get up-to-speed on what is going on by reading the customer’s service history. This information is digitized and can be accessed by field workers anywhere they have an Internet connection — even on their mobile devices.

Your business can also conduct analytics on customer data to uncover insights, such as the optimal time to schedule service visits.

The Future of Field Service Management Software

In 2020, Finances Online noted that “72% of organizations are prioritizing improvements in customer satisfaction in field service.”

There is no doubt that many organizations that have decided to improve their customer satisfaction scores will utilize field service management software to reach their goal.

Field service management software can empower customers and produce important customer intelligence insights that can improve the way your organization does business.
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