What is Field Service Management?

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Field service management experts are constantly looking to boost equipment and workforce productivity. As mobile innovation grows, new software is being developed to make it even more hassle-free for companies to manage a distributed workforce. 

This article defines field service management and explores many of the benefits of implementing field service management software into your daily operations.

Defining Field Service Management 

Field service management helps business owners and managers oversee field operations through a mobile platform. Field service management is an umbrella term used to define the management of an organization's field resources, equipment, and employees.

Some of the tasks involved in field service management include:

  • Keeping in touch with field technicians on-site
  • Scheduling shifts or assigning tasks
  • Sharing customer history and job data with field workers 
  • Collecting and keeping a clear record of field data 

Field service continues to evolve, which means companies have to adopt more sophisticated FSM software to manage resources and maximize productivity. 

Field service managers are now forced to employ a more detailed workforce management framework to coordinate with field workers and keep a real-time record. For instance, a field should know the number of workers onsite and what time each worker reports to work based on their scheduled shifts.

What are the Benefits of Field Service Management?

Here are some ways a business can benefit from field service management software:

1. Improved Decision Making 

Field service software can help field service managers collect onsite data, including expenses, job completion times, and other key pieces of information. With these details, a business can better plan and make the right decisions to boost productivity.

2. Enhanced Efficiency

Field service management software replaces the traditional, manual way of completing essential tasks. It helps field workers to transition from the clipboard to paperless record keeping.

With sophisticated digital systems, a business can boost employee productivity and operational efficiency. For instance, with a reliable FSM solution from Azuga, you can gain useful insights into all field operations, then respond to all onsite issues immediately. 

3. Relief from Administrative Burden 

It is easier for field workers to communicate effectively with customer agents when they are relieved of some administrative burden. Field workers can access essential resources easily in a more centralized platform. This makes it less straining to focus on the project at hand and meet customer demands.

4. Reduced Cost

With a streamlined field service management solution, you can keep track of operational costs, spot spare hours, and manage fuel consumption. This helps reduce company spending, allowing you to get rid of inefficient processes and enhance your bottom line. 

5. Satisfied Customers

A lot of businesses struggle to meet customer demand. It can be difficult to coordinate workers with a distributed workforce without the help of field service management software. 

Modern consumers want real-time updates on their projects, and with a paper-based FSM, it is not possible to provide a 5-star experience for your customers. Using field service management software, you can improve engagement between customers and field technicians so that the final project reflects what the customers want.

6. Better Data Entry

Every business needs data for analytics and decision making and there’s no room for error when collecting and recording field data. Unfortunately, paper-based reporting methods leave room for dishonesty, redundant data entry, and human error. 

With quality FSM software, your field technicians can easily record log hours, job data, and service proof while still on the field. Having real-time data means you maintain high standards of accuracy for future audits. You can also retrieve all the information stored on FSM software anywhere on any device.

7. Confirm Business Inventory

Reliable FSM software makes it easier to confirm inventory and avoid guesswork. Field service management software can help you track inventory. You can also integrate it into your accounting and CRM software, improving customer experience.

Final Thoughts 

Any business that fails to make the switch from paper-based field service management may find it exceedingly difficult to meet customer expectations. By adopting field service management from Azuga, your business can avoid lost paperwork, keep inventory up to date, improve communication between field workers and customer agents, and quickly resolve internal issues.