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Waste Management Fleet Tracking for Improved Operations

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GPS tracking is a modern solution to many of fleet management’s challenges. Waste management fleets face many of these daily challenges. Fortunately, waste management fleet tracking can streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and improve customer service. If your waste management business is having trouble managing its fleet, it’s time to consider outsourcing fleet services to trusted professionals. This guide will explain the importance of a quality waste management fleet tracking system.

The Need for Efficient Waste Management

Efficient waste management can help you tackle this industry's challenges. Here are just some of the considerations we’ll be exploring in this article: 

  • Route Optimization
  • Fleet Maintenance Tracking
  • Environmental Benefits

For businesses in this competitive sector, prioritizing operational efficiency isn't just a matter of good practice; it's critical to remain competitive and lock in long-term success in achieving your fleet goals. 

The Power of GPS: Transforming Waste Management

We understand the basics of waste collection software. Now, it’s time to explore how this software operates in practice. Here are five features you can benefit from with a waste tracking system.

Dispatching Features

Dispatching multiple vehicles can be challenging when so many vehicles are running on a tight schedule. That’s why it’s crucial to use tools like fleet tracking to make the job as easy as possible. With your entire fleet mapped out, knowing how many vehicles to schedule, who to dispatch, and where to send them becomes easier. Fleet management software with fleet tracking allows you to review routes, assign drivers, and easily create schedules from one screen. No more scrambling to call drivers to change their schedule or route at the last minute. If your waste tracking system has the option, drivers can view their routes from a mobile app and be on their way without issue. 

Fuel Use Reduction

Waste management vehicles must travel more streets than anyone, so saving fuel is the name of the game for waste management fleets. The ability to track garbage trucks reduces fuel use in several ways, fleet route planning being the most obvious. Route optimization software harnesses machine learning and algorithms to find the most fuel-efficient path between two destinations. It saves time, increases productivity, and improves fuel efficiency! 

Secondly, waste management tracking tracks driver location and behavior—behaviors like idling, speeding, and rapid acceleration waste a significant amount of fuel. Fleet tracking software can detect these behaviors and alert you when they occur so you can reach out to the driver to correct their mistakes. You’ll be amazed at how much fuel you save when using fleet tracking; you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Theft Prevention

Vehicle theft worsens annually, and fleets, in particular, suffer the worst. What can you do to combat this issue? Waste management GPS tracking is here to help. One feature of fleet tracking is called geofencing. Geofencing is when you set up a virtual border around a specific location. When a vehicle crosses that border, you get an alert that lets you know. So, when a thief tries to take your vehicle outside of your designated area, the software will notify you immediately to take action. When you inform the authorities, you can tell them exactly where your vehicle is so they can recover it for you. This feature even prevents unauthorized use of vehicles by employees! Fleet tracking and geofencing ensure that your vehicles are only used on your terms, keeping them safe from anyone else. 

Vehicle Maintenance

When vehicles have maintenance issues, that means downtime and repair costs that cost your fleet money. Of course, you want to avoid that whenever possible, and the best solution is preventative maintenance. With fleet tracking, you will always be the first to know when your vehicle has an issue that needs addressing. Your waste tracking software’s telematics tracks your vehicles’ health. It lets you know whenever a problem arises so you can repair the vehicle before it becomes catastrophic. Breakdowns are an expensive burden to bear, and avoiding them saves you time and money, keeping your fleet efficient and effective. Furthermore, you can set up scheduled maintenance alerts so you never miss routine maintenance, keeping your vehicles in tip-top shape for many routes to come. 

Real Data

Nobody knows how your fleet is doing better than you, but you can get better information on your fleet with fleet tracking. Fleet management software can create reports based on data collected from fleet tracking. You can view reports on fuel usage, driver behavior, asset usage, and more to make informed decisions on your fleet’s operations. These reports are immensely useful for increasing your fleet’s productivity and ensuring it is the best it can be.

Azuga’s Waste Management Fleet Tracking Solution: A Game Changer

Azuga's waste tracking software sets a new standard for operational excellence. Our platform offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution tailored to waste management needs. In the next section, we’ll delve into the five key benefits of Azuga's system. You’ll learn how Azuga can help you achieve enhanced efficiency, reliability, and strategic insight. 

5 Benefits of Azuga’s End-to-End Fleet Management Platform

No. 1. Free-Up Time and Human Resources 

Azuga’s waste management GPS tracking software makes it easier to oversee: 

  • Fuel costs
  • Fuel consumption
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Route planning
  • Asset utilization
  • Driver management

Along with these operations, Azuga can assist with implementing programs that decrease waste and boost company productivity. Instead of allocating employees to do some of these fleet management tasks or hiring a team of mechanics, you can utilize Azuga’s expertise in the field. In turn, you’ll be able to free up your resources to provide better waste management services to your designated neighborhoods while having the confidence that a team of professionals is handling your fleet with care. 

No. 2: Save Money Long-Term

You may think hiring in-house or conducting fleet management yourself will be the cheaper option for your business. However, Azuga’s software can perform the job with consistent accuracy and maximum output every time. Let the software do the hard work so you can focus on your expertise in waste management. The last thing you want is to take on a task that’s too complex and takes you away from areas of your business you’re best at. 

There are a variety of ways that fleet management will save your business money, such as: 

  • Renting vehicles versus purchasing
  • Optimizing route planning to negate wasted time and avoid traffic
  • Maintaining your vehicles to prevent costly repairs
  • Reduce poor driving behavior, which is not only unsafe but can cost you money

Furthermore, insurance companies who see that you’re working with a fleet services company tend to offer discounted rates. Fleet management companies can also refer you to a network of suppliers or mechanics for the best possible rates. 

No. 3. Opt for More Sustainable Fuel 

A waste management business will do everything in its power to reuse waste. However, energy-efficient fuel is one of the most forgotten wastes that waste management companies fail to utilize. Unfortunately, waste management companies often let fleet sustainability fall by the wayside.

Garbage trucks have been estimated to use 1.2 billion gallons of diesel annually, resulting in 27 billion pounds of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Azuga can help you transition from diesel or biodiesel fuel to natural gas. CNG, or compressed natural gas, costs less than diesel fuel and is better for the environment. 

No. 4. Mitigate Risks 

Azuga can also help minimize risks by staying compliant with insurance and regulatory requirements, reducing accidents, and avoiding costly fines. It requires a specialist to conduct risk assessments and develop a risk management policy for driver-related activities and vehicles in the workplace. There are four categories that a fleet must be compliant with:

  • Vehicles
  • Drivers
  • Operations
  • Management 

For example, fleet managers can utilize Azuga’s technology to monitor driver behaviors and proactively address unsafe driving practices, such as harsh braking and speeding. 

No. 5: Azuga Utilizes Telematics 

There’s a reason why 75% of fleet managers use some form of vehicle telematics for fleet management software to oversee fleets. Many over-the-road fleets spend as much as 40% of their time idling and 19 hours per year logging paperwork. Fleet services will provide you access to telematics and fleet management software to improve efficiency and safety while lowering your fleet's costs. Azuga’s fleet software tools have plenty of functions, including: 

  • Monitoring driver behavior
  • Asset tracking 
  • Staying compliant and storing eLogs 
  • Tracking vehicles 
  • Route planning 

Partner with Azuga Today

Azuga's waste management tracking system is your most valuable tool in enhancing fleet operational efficiency. It streamlines various aspects of fleet management, from route optimization and fuel use reduction to advanced vehicle maintenance and comprehensive data analysis. This system reduces operational costs and fosters a more efficient and responsible approach to waste management. To discover the full potential of Azuga's technology in revolutionizing your fleet operations, request a demo or reach out to Azuga for more detailed information.