Top Invoicing Solutions for Fleet Managers

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If your field service-based business includes a fleet of vehicles, then you may have already realized the importance of having the best fleet management software. It can help you keep track of your fleet, optimize activities in the field, ensure that you always meet compliance requirements, reduce costs, and much more. 

Many of the fleet management software options on the market today come with these qualities. However, some organizations are looking for additional solutions to further streamline their field service business. Most importantly, fleet managers and back-office administrators are looking for invoicing solutions that work in the real world. Invoice management has always been important in field service operations, but finding a solution that works may not always be as easy as it seems. 

With the best fleet management software, though, any invoicing issues quickly fall by the wayside. When you choose the right field service software solution, you can settle invoices much more quickly and instantly make updates and changes to existing invoices. Let’s take a deeper dive into the more nuanced benefits of invoicing solutions for fleet managers and discuss some of the options you have when choosing which one will work best for your business.

Benefits of Invoicing Solutions 

Before we get into the best solutions, let’s take a quick look at what benefits you can leverage for your business:

  • Better use of your time: By making it easier to create and send invoices, your technicians can focus more on their primary tasks. This saves time, which, in the end, saves money. 
  • Efficiency: Having your invoicing solution as part of your fleet management system as a whole increases efficiency. For example, if a technician creates an invoice on-site, it will get sent straight to your accounting system. This means there is no repetition of tasks, like having two people note the same invoice. 
  • Accuracy: Making use of invoicing solutions will largely remove human error. This means you’ll know exactly how much to charge, so you won’t overcharge or undercharge. In the end, this means you lose less money, and keep customers happy at the same time. 
  • Easy access: You’ll have easier access to your invoices, as you can simply search for them in the software using invoice numbers, customer names, or other keywords. 
  • Management: Having access to invoices within your invoicing software allows for better control of your finances. 

Best Fleet Management Software With Invoicing Features 

Many solutions claim to be the best fleet management software. Yet, some of them fall short on functionalities that you want the most, like invoicing features, GPS integration, and ease of communication with technicians in the field. But of course, this is not always the case, and there are fleet management options out there that really do offer it all.  Below, we’ll discuss the best fleet management software options available today. And, they all include the invoicing functions you need! 


ProTransport is a cloud-based fleet management solution. With this software, you can manage your dispatches, use GPS tracking to keep an eye on vehicle locations, communicate with drivers, and much more. 

If you need to track mileage, plan routes, schedule, manage fuel costs, have a customer database, and manage driver schedules and trips, then this is a good option. The software also comes with accounting functionalities. These allow users to create invoices, prepare statements, manage general ledgers and balance sheets, and much more. 


This field service management option is web-based and fully integrated. Users can track orders on a live map, check the availability of drivers, and much more. It also has accounting functionalities that make all of your accounting functions easier to manage. 

For example, the software allows users to record financial statements, generate invoices for work orders, purchase orders, tickets, and bills. Payroll can also be managed through this newer solution.


Azuga offers fleet management software that gives you everything you need and more to run your field service-based business from the back office to the manager’s desk and from the field to the yard and back. It gives you the ability to track vehicles with real-time notifications and alerts that come right to your phone, computer, tablet, or other smart devices. Azuga also allows you to schedule maintenance, automate dispatching and scheduling, ensure compliance with regulations and gives you year-round 24-hour support. 

Of all the features Azuga brings you, one of the most useful is its mobile invoicing functionality. Azuga allows field technicians to collect and settle payments onsite and allows for cross-sells to occur on the spot. This means you’ll be able to increase revenue and ROI in a shorter period and with far greater ease.

Azuga offers a completely comprehensive suite of tools, including field service management, fleet management, GPS tracking, electronic logging devices (ELD), dashcams, asset tracking, and so much more beyond their invoicing solution, making them the best overall solution to consider to manage all of your fleet and field service needs. 


This is a cloud-based option created to optimize management operations for fleet managers and owners. Many tasks can be streamlined using this software. For example, it includes yard management, order planning, and shipment allocation. 

Most importantly, Fretron’s offers extensive billing management functionalities. It allows users to create and share invoices and purchase orders by using fully customizable templates. You can also follow up on payments, upload receipts, collect deposits, and analyze various business operations to streamline your operation. 

Moreover, Fretron brings you more capabilities, including creating and saving contracts and shipment documents. You can also automate workflows, and drivers can use the mobile app to communicate any updates, wait times, or delays. 


Fleetx offers you actionable insights based on real-time data through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Bringing your fleet into the 21st century can help you stay in step with your competitors. 

On top of the invoice management functionality that Fleetx brings you, it also offers document management, transportation management, fuel management, and preventive management. You can also track driver ETA, trip logs, mileage, vehicles, performance, and repairs using this software.

The Best Invoicing Solution Usually Comes With the Best Overall Solution 

The best fleet management software will offer you all the functionalities you need, including invoicing solutions. Don’t settle for less than exactly what you want and need — there are truly field service management and fleet management options out there for everyone. 

Small fleet businesses may be more suited to one option, while larger enterprise fleets may opt for something a little more comprehensive with a lot more bells and whistles. But, everyone in the field service industry can benefit from invoicing solutions that help organize, manage, and edit invoices on the fly. The options in the list above are great examples of fleet invoicing solutions for you to consider. But, when you want a full-service solution for field service management that goes far beyond just resolving your challenges with invoicing, Azuga is the clear standout.