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Field Service Management Software for Small Businesses: The Top Features

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Trade services businesses need management software designed to support their unique business needs. By choosing field service management software designed for small businesses, your fleet can gain valuable insights and become more competitive, even in a tight market. Here are some of the top features to look for when choosing a field service management software solution.

GPS Tracking and Route Optimization

In many businesses, management is in the same room, or at least the same building, as the workers they manage. This is not the case in field service management, where employees can be spread out across a wide geographical area. When your team is always on the go, you need a way to keep track of everyone and boost productivity. GPS tracking with route optimization is the solution.

Far from being a “Big Brother” technology, GPS tracking is a great tool to make your workers’ jobs easier and more efficient. It can pinpoint their location in the case of an accident or breakdown, whether or not they’re able to respond or call for help. It also makes tracking mileage and Hours of Service (HoS) a breeze. 

When you add in route optimization features, the real benefits begin. Drivers never have to worry about how to get to the next job. Even technicians who know the area like the back of their hands can benefit from this technology. Route optimization can steer them around accidents, road construction, traffic jams, and other road hazards leading to faster drive times and more time spent at job sites.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

One of the most important considerations for any small business is customer satisfaction. With a fully-featured CRM solution, you can provide superior customer service time and time again, leading to repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. 

A CRM solution can keep track of each customer you service and each job you perform for them. You can log customer preferences and record any recommendations made by your technicians. This level of detail can lead to a superior customer experience with consistent quality, no matter which member of your team completes the job.

Customizable Telematics and Analytics Reporting

In the information age, data is king, and this is true for small businesses just as much as it is for huge multinational companies. Yet many small businesses don’t know how to gather or use data to their benefit. Fortunately, customizable telematics and analytics reporting offers a simple solution that is both practical and powerful.

System-generated data can be used to track vehicle maintenance needs, driver safety metrics, and important statistics about the jobs completed by your crew. You can learn more about which technicians are consistently offering high-quality service and which could use a refresher training course. With customizable reporting, you can receive the most useful data for your unique business needs on the schedule that makes the most sense for you.

Payment Processing

Let’s face it, one of the most critical parts of any customer interaction is the payment. By choosing a field service management software solution that includes payment processing, your technicians can handle the entire transaction without having to switch systems at all.  

The most crucial piece of the payment processing puzzle is security. Without a secure system, you’re leaving your customers open to data theft and your business to liability. Look for an option that offers plenty of payment processing options too. You’ll want the ability to schedule recurring payments automatically, and ways to quickly and accurately capture customer information with automatic updates when a card is close to expiration.

Important Integrations

Finally, it’s vital to find a solution that integrates well with other software solutions used in your business. When business systems don’t interact seamlessly, errors are almost inevitable. Look for a software solution that can sync with your other systems like QuickBooks or your favorite fuel card systems. This will help reduce manual entries, improve productivity, and boost accuracy at the same time.

No matter what type of service business you have, a robust field service management software system can benefit your business greatly. To learn more, contact Azuga for a demo today.