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Top Business Intelligence Tools for Commercial Fleets

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Data is crucial to any fleet business. However, gathering data can be a challenge that seems impossible to overcome. Luckily, there are business intelligence tools out there that can assist companies in obtaining this information. Azuga has created these tools to help managers make decisions that will get fleets running as effectively and efficiently as possible. What data can be collected, and how do these tools make it easier? This article will break down some useful commercial fleet data systems and how businesses can utilize them. 

Azuga Fleet

Azuga Fleet offers numerous benefits for safety, efficiency, and productivity. It is a fleet tracking software that helps fleet managers track everything from vehicles to assets to equipment. It is easy to install and tells managers where vehicles are. Additionally, it provides diagnostic data such as engine status, safety information such as speed and driving behaviors, and job data such as trip logs.

Diagnostic information is helpful because it tells managers when to take a vehicle in for service. Adding scheduled maintenance helps managers stay on top of a vehicle’s regular maintenance needs. Preventative maintenance is crucial to a vehicle’s longevity and prevents expensive breakdowns further down the line. 

Azuga Fleet takes safety to the next level by rewarding good drivers for positive driving behaviors. The system gamifies good driving with its easy-to-implement rewards program. Encouraging safe behaviors prevents costly accidents, which take vehicles and drivers off the roads for extended periods and can cause significant headaches to fleet companies.  

Finally, tracking job data is crucial to the everyday operations of the fleet. Azuga Fleet allows managers to assign, dispatch, and change jobs right from the software. There is no need to distract drivers on the road or while they are trying to work. Keep track of who is doing what jobs, and find out how to best utilize a workforce with Azuga Fleet. 

Azuga Fleet can gather data and create a custom report free of charge for any purpose that a fleet manager may need. To find out more about Azuga Fleet, contact us today. 

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is one of the essential parts of operating a fleet. Knowing where assets are is critical, but equally important is knowing if they’re appropriately utilized. So often, assets sit unused in a warehouse, gathering dust. Even worse, sometimes managers do not realize what assets they have and wind up buying duplicate items. Both of these situations waste money and resources that could go towards something useful for the company. This problem is why asset tracking is so vital to a business. 

Azuga has two types of asset trackers: long life asset trackers and rechargeable asset trackers. Long life asset trackers are recommended for non-powered assets such as trailers, shipping containers, signs, or mobile storage units, as their batteries last up to five years. Rechargeable asset trackers are better for vehicles, generators, and heavy equipment, as their battery recharges every time the asset powers on. 

One significant benefit of Azuga’s asset tracking is that fleet managers can generate reports showing which assets are being moved and used and which ones are just sitting, not being utilized. If it’s just gathering dust, then it can be sold and replaced with something useful. When a manager is ready to purchase something, they can quickly check their inventory to ensure that they don’t already have that item in their warehouse. It can save thousands in preventing duplicate purchases.  

If you’re still using paper and pen to track your assets, check out Azuga’s asset tracking today and start saving time and money that you can better use to grow your business. 

Azuga Works

Azuga Works is Azuga’s field service management software. Fleet managers use it to manage the everyday operations of their fleet, from scheduling jobs and tracking vehicles to receiving payment and sealing the deal. Azuga Works keeps a database of all of a business’s customers in its CRM. This knowledge helps to improve customer satisfaction and encourages repeat business. It can also accept payments, streamlining the entire workflow process and making it simple to get jobs completed and get paid. 

Azuga Works will generate reports for businesses quickly and easily. Fleet managers can easily access any operational metrics via field service reports. It is simple to view reports on finances, jobs, and workforce with just the click of a button. 

Check out Azuga Works on our website today to get started optimizing your field service management operations. 


Azuga has plenty of tools to help any business get started gathering data and maximizing its efficiency. It’s crucial to get started as soon as possible, as every day passed can mean money wasted. Reach out to the experts at Azuga today and see what you can do to help your business hit the ground running with business analytics.