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Meet Any Fleet Goal with Azuga

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When you think of fleet management, you may consider many things. You might think of saving money, boosting efficiency, implementing safety measures, optimizing assets, or anything else. Fleet management is a vast umbrella with so many undertakings that it can be challenging to handle alone. 

Azuga is here to help with our comprehensive fleet management software. No matter which aspect of fleet management you’re looking to support, Azuga’s technology can get you where you need to go. We have helped all kinds of fleets of all shapes and sizes with various goals in the past. Courtice Auto Wreckers is just one example of a fleet that has received support in many areas from Azuga. 

"I can configure Azuga’s fleet tracking software exactly the way I want and get to the information I need quickly and easily." – Steve Mihalic, Owner, Courtice Auto Wreckers

Three Goals You Can Accomplish with Azuga’s Fleet Management Software

Fleets like Courtice Auto Wreckers have goals to accomplish across the gambit of fleet management, and it’s hard to find one solution that can do it all. What goals can your fleet reach with Azuga’s fleet management solution?

Identifying and Meeting Performance Standards

When you think of fleet tracking, you likely think of GPS. However, fleet tracking covers many technologies, and you can set any metrics you please. If you want to increase your fleet’s productivity, Azuga allows you to set KPIs surrounding how fast your fleet performs jobs, how well they stick to their routes, and whether they optimize time spent at their various stops.

For example, Courtice Auto Wreckers utilized Azuga’s daily KPI reports to set benchmarks for improvement. They monitored trips between job sites and how long their drivers spent at each location. This data helped them optimize their trips and increase productivity for their business, even earning them Azuga’s Top Fleet award in 2016. 

Optimize Equipment Use

As fleets grow, it becomes more challenging to track the use of equipment. You may have unused equipment sitting on one site while another site desperately needs it. In Courtice Auto Wreckers’ case, when a truck was empty, they needed to be able to quickly re-route them to a service location to get back in business. 

Azuga uses a real-time vehicle tracking map that allows fleet managers to look for underutilized assets. This information eliminates the guessing game or the need to manually check in with your drivers. All of the information you need is right at your fingertips, all the time. 

Boost Fleet Safety

Fleet safety is a top goal for any fleet manager. However, it can be a complex metric to track. After all, you can’t always be in the passenger seat with your driver. Courtice Auto Wreckers was operating in an area with heavy traffic and looking for a solution that allowed them to eliminate safety incidents from their drivers. 

Azuga is precisely the monitoring system for fleets wanting to keep drivers safe. How is it possible? Telematics allows Azuga to track bad habits like speeding, harsh braking, hard cornering, rapid acceleration, and more. With this information, managers can set goalposts for improvement. For example, Courtice Auto Wreckers was able to decrease unsafe speeding and hard braking– in fact, they won the Safe Fleet Award in the fourth quarter of 2016!

Whatever You Hope to Accomplish, Azuga Can Help!

Azuga has experience helping every kind of fleet out there. That includes small and large fleets and fleets of all industries. Whatever your goals are, discuss them with an Azuga expert today to see how we can accomplish them together.

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