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Optimize your Small Fleet Operations with Azuga Tracking Software

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Just because your fleet is small doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to manage. Fleet operations are challenging for fleets of any size. That’s why small fleet management software exists—to help you keep your fleets running on all cylinders all the time. 

Small fleet management software offers all kinds of features like GPS tracking, asset tracking, maintenance alerts, and more so that you can easily manage all aspects of your fleet’s care. There’s no more calling around to your technicians, guessing what’s going on out on the road, or finding out too late when issues arise. Find out what benefits small fleet management software can bring to your fleet in this article. 

GPS Fleet Tracking

Small fleet GPS tracking is a top benefit of any fleet management software. Knowing where your vehicles are at any time helps you give the best service to your customers while keeping your business at top productivity. GPS tracking shows you all of your vehicles on a single map, so you never have to guess what jobs your drivers are on. If a driver is not where they are supposed to be, it’s easy to pinpoint where they are and reach out to find out what is going on. GPS tracking makes communication immensely easier and streamlines many different fleet practices, such as dispatching, route optimization, and even driver safety. 

Dispatching Assistance

Dispatching multiple vehicles to a variety of different jobs and locations can be challenging throughout the day. Fleet management software makes this task so much easier than ever before. You can view and manage all of your fleet’s jobs in one place. With a matching mobile app, technicians can accept and track their jobs right from their smart devices, making communication a breeze. Fleet management software updates in real-time, so if any changes happen along the way, both parties will be aware and able to act as needed. You won’t need to check in with your technicians constantly, and they won’t need to follow up with you for simple updates. Fleet management software’s dispatching features make for a more efficient fleet with better communication and clearer tasks set out for everyone. 

Route Optimization

Route optimization is a significant benefit of fleet tracking software, using GPS, machine learning, and algorithms to find the most fuel-efficient path between two points. This saves fleets significantly on fuel costs. With fuel costs being one of the highest costs that fleets face, any savings they can find are an immense bonus. Route optimization is a benefit for the customer as well. When fleets get to their destinations faster, they are more likely to be on time, which is always a plus for the customer. Fleets that get their jobs done faster can do more jobs, increasing the number of customers they can reach and growing the fleet by doing more business. Route optimization is a benefit for fleets across the board. 

Driver Rewards

Fleet tracking does not only track a driver’s location but also driver behavior. Telematics tells you how well a vehicle is driven, and you can make decisions based on the reports that fleet management software generates regarding driving behavior. Telematics can track behavior like speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking and even assign each driver a safety score indicating how often they exhibit these behaviors. Drivers who display these behaviors often can be selected for targeted coaching. In contrast, drivers who regularly exhibit positive behaviors can receive driver rewards such as gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants. Drivers who feel appreciated for their good behavior are more likely to continue their good habits and stay with your company, and with the driver shortage, no one can afford to lose good drivers. 

Maintenance Alerts

Another factor that fleet tracking keeps tabs on is your vehicles’ health. Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping vehicles in their best shape and preventing breakdowns that waste time and cost the business money. It can be challenging to keep track of multiple vehicles’ maintenance needs, so many fleets invest in maintenance alerts. Not only do maintenance alerts help you stay on top of your vehicles’ regular maintenance schedules, but they also let you know when vehicles have issues that need attention. Catching issues early prevents them from becoming bigger problems later down the road and causing breakdowns, so this is a crucial feature. 


When looking for fleet management software for your small business, these are all important features that it should have. With these features, your business will grow faster and more easily than ever before. Azuga offers fleet management software with all of these features and more. To find out more about what we have available, reach out to one of our experts today!