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Discover Fleet Scheduling Software That Saves Time

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Time is one of your team’s most valuable assets, but there’s never enough to go around. You need to save as much as you can, which is where Azuga Works comes in. Azuga Works helps with all aspects of field service management, from dispatch until payment, ensuring you are supported until the job is complete. We have many satisfied customers all over the country, including Allwell Rents, who use Azuga Works specifically for its fleet scheduling capabilities. Let’s learn about the features of fleet scheduling software and how it benefits companies like Allwell Rents. 

“The customization of Azuga Works is going to work really well for us. We have very busy days and the ability to schedule and see where the guys are throughout the day if something comes up is a game changer.”

What is Azuga Works? 

Fleet scheduling software like Azuga Works has various features that support all aspects of fleet management. These features include: 

  • Dispatch Tools: Azuga Works allows you to assign jobs and monitor their status directly through the software. Then, workers can mark a task complete right through their phones. You can schedule a job based on urgency, length, and employee availability. 
  • Customer Database: You can track what technicians have worked with specific customers before. Furthermore, it’s easier to handle customer disputes because all of the customer’s information is available in one place.
  • Fleet Tracking: Azuga Works always tells you where your drivers are in real time, making it easier to schedule and plan out your days. It also helps you use route planning, which harnesses fleet tracking to get drivers to all of their stops in the most efficient way possible. 
  • Financial Information: The software also accepts payments, meaning payment information is available in one place, and you can generate reports to analyze business performance. It also integrates with QuickBooks, so your information is consistent across platforms. 

Allwell Rents and Azuga

Allwell Rents’s focus was proper scheduling. They deliver to sensitive events such as weddings and graduations, so they need to be able to tell their customers when their deliveries will arrive. At the same time, they need to ensure they are using their trucks optimally. With their previous system, they did not have the visibility that they needed to accomplish this. Azuga Works gives Allwell Rents this visibility while helping them get the most out of their resources. 

With Azuga, they can easily create new customers and assign their crew in the most efficient way possible. All they need to do is drag and drop their jobs to the most logical truck. Different views on their dashboard help them see if there are any overlap or route issues. The dashboard helps them see also what size crew they need or what size truck is necessary. 

Allwell Rents also loves Azuga Works’s customization features. Because they can change job names and job and worker statuses, they can more easily streamline their operations. They found that with Azuga Works, they can offer better customer service and boost productivity with less effort. 

Try Azuga for Yourself

If you want to see the same results as Allwell Rents, you can join our league of delighted customers and get Azuga Works for yourself. We are experts in fleet management and offer various fleet technology solutions that help streamline your operations while keeping your drivers safe. Try a demo of what we have to offer and see for yourself.