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Safety Reminders This National Road Victim Month

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August is National Road Victim Month, meant to bring awareness to victims of vehicle accidents. These victims may have suffered injuries or even lost their lives. August is as good a time as any to review our Fleet Safety Plans and consider ways to make our drivers safer. Let’s explore some areas where you may want to refresh your focus this month. 

Safety Policies

We’ve discussed how to create your fleet safety policy before. For a refresher, see the blog linked at the bottom of this article. One of the steps in creating a fleet safety program is regularly reviewing your safety policies to ensure they are effective and up-to-date. Now is an excellent time to look at your fleet data. Has there been an increase in any particular safety incidents? Perhaps your policy needs to be tweaked to emphasize these areas. It is also an ideal time to send a reminder of these policies out to your drivers as a reminder.

Driver Rewards

Trucking is a difficult job, and drivers work hard not only to perform their duties but also to be safe. Show your appreciation for their efforts with driver rewards. We’ve linked another article at the bottom of this page that explains how to implement a rewards system in more detail. Consider technology like Azuga Rewards. It uses telematics data from your fleet management software to automatically assign safety scores to your drivers. Then, it rolls out the rewards for you. 

Vehicle Maintenance

So many fleets let vehicle maintenance fall by the wayside. However, maintenance is crucial not only to ensure your fleet’s efficiency but to protect your drivers as well. If a vehicle’s part fails on the road, it can cause an accident and put your drivers in danger. Now is a perfect time to ensure you have a proper maintenance plan in place. You should review fleet data to ensure you’re not seeing consistent issues with your vehicles. If you see problems, you can adjust your maintenance plan to account for them. We’ll link a blog article below that explains maintenance plans in more detail. 

Driver Training

Driver training isn’t just something that occurs when you hire a new employee. Training should be consistent throughout your driver’s career with your company. You can use fleet management technology to support your efforts. Analyze your fleet data to determine where your drivers may fall short and implement relevant training that helps them overcome these gaps. 

Technology Upgrades

If you’re running an old system that can’t track the data you need to make effective decisions, you can do more for your drivers’ safety. A new fleet management system can support your safety program with AI, behavior tracking, and targeted training. For example, Azuga’s fleet management software benefits you in all aspects of fleet safety. Our AI SafetyCam monitors your drivers’ behavior and protects your fleet in the event of an accident. Azuga Coach uses fleet data to regularly assign relevant training to your drivers. These are only some of the safety solutions that we offer. Reach out to an expert to schedule a demo today. 

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