Reduce Insurance Premiums With Azuga's SafetyCam

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There are many benefits to dashcams in the fleet business. They protect drivers, promote safety, and save money. Insurance providers love dashcams because they often exonerate their drivers and keep them from having to give up large payouts to fraudsters looking to make a quick buck. This decreased liability is why they will offer a dashcam insurance discount as an incentive for fleets to install dashcams on their vehicles and protect themselves from these types of accidents or any other fraudulent payouts. Therefore, fleets looking to save money and protect their fleet should look into equipping dashcams like Azuga’s SafetyCam on their vehicles. 

SafetyCam Serves as a Witness.

Whenever a fleet vehicle is involved in an accident, insurance providers don’t need to rely on anyone’s word or unreliable witnesses. Instead, they will have irrefutable evidence right at their fingertips. SafetyCam records the road with a 155-degree view at 1080p HD, giving a clear picture of everything happening at the time of the incident. Furthermore, it also records the driver in the cab, so safe drivers can prove they were alert and attentive. 

There is no need to search through hours of trip footage either. SafetyCam’s artificial intelligence automatically detects risky events and sends footage to the cloud. This footage is then available for review by the fleet manager, making it easy to find exactly what’s needed. Insurance providers value the dashcam’s role in exonerating drivers and often offer a discount for having them installed. 

SafetyCam Keeps Premiums Low. 

There are two ways that dashcams keep fleets’ premiums low. The first way is simply by preventing accidents in the first place. Fleets can pair SafetyCam with programs like Azuga Coach or Driver Rewards to create a culture of safety among drivers. By promoting safety and ensuring drivers are always on their best behavior, fleets can reduce accidents significantly. It’s only natural that fleets with fewer accidents have lower premiums. 

The second way is by exonerating drivers after an accident. Fleets found at fault for an accident can find their premiums rising by up to 80%. But if the fleet is not found at fault, they are protected from this hike in prices. With lower premiums, SafetyCam can save fleets money over time, whether something happens or not. 

SafetyCam Reduces Insurance Fraud. 

As mentioned earlier, fleets are frequently the target of crash-for-cash schemes in which a fraudster will intentionally cause an accident in order to make a fleet driver appear to be at fault. After the initial accident, they will often exaggerate injuries or damages to maximize their payout. SafetyCam can prevent these scammers from getting their way by showing them jumping in front of vehicles, braking suddenly, or otherwise causing an accident. As more and more fleets become equipped with dashcams, hopefully, these fraudsters will catch on and abandon this scheme. 

SafetyCam Speeds Up Insurance Claims.

Accidents are painful for so many reasons. Not only are there possible injuries, but you may lose vehicles and personnel for months as you deal with paperwork, meetings, phone calls, and the search for needed documents. It’s a massive hassle, but SafetyCam can ease some of the burdens. It sends the necessary video evidence right to the fleet manager’s cloud so they can access it at any time. This video evidence is clear, concise, and irrefutable and should speed up any arguing or false claims that may otherwise slow down proceedings. It gets the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Install Your SafetyCam Today!

More and more fleets are installing dashcams to protect themselves, and SafetyCam is one of the best and most popular around. Not only is it dual-facing, easy to install, and enhanced with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, but it integrates seamlessly with Azuga’s top-of-the-line fleet management software and safety features. Find out more about how your fleet can take advantage of what Azuga has to offer by reaching out to an expert today!