Dash Cams for Fleets: Security for Drivers and Your Business

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Dash cams are an innovative technology that promotes safety and savings for fleets all over the world. Artificial intelligence dash cams go above and beyond recording what happens on the road; they track unsafe behaviors and alert drivers and fleet managers to ensure that they take corrective action. Dash cams for fleets have numerous benefits, and this article will discuss the best of them. 

Keeping Drivers Safe

Of course, a dash cam’s primary function is to promote safety. Dual-facing dash cams like Azuga’s SafetyCam do this by recording both the road and the cab to get a comprehensive picture of everything happening at a given time. In the cab, it can track all kinds of behaviors that indicate distracted or drowsy driving, such as: 

  • eating and drinking
  • using the phone
  • smoking
  • wearing a mask
  • yawning or fatigue
  • face not visible
  • not focused
  • camera obstruction

These behaviors can lead to accidents if left unchecked. For example, distracted driving claimed 3,142 lives in 2019, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that 328,000 drowsy driving crashes occur each year as well. Driving in either state is extremely dangerous but unfortunately common. 

Luckily, dash cams can help curb these behaviors. When they detect signs of drowsy or distracted driving, they alert the driver to make corrections. If the behavior continues, they will alert the fleet manager to contact the driver and determine if they can continue on their route. Drivers may not appreciate being taken off the road, but such action is for their safety and the safety of others. 

Coaching Drivers

One benefit of dash cams like Azuga’s SafetyCam is the ability to implement in-cab coaching in real-time. When the dash cam alerts the fleet manager of behaviors indicative of distracted, drowsy, or aggressive driving, the fleet manager can choose to implement in-cab coaching. As mentioned previously, catching these behaviors in real-time and coaching them immediately can prevent accidents, but it also improves driver performance overall. Furthermore, Azuga’s SafetyCam can also be paired with the driver rewards program that gamifies safe driving and encourages drivers with monetary incentives. Such a program inspires drivers to show only their best behavior behind the wheel. It is handy for keeping drivers safe and effective not only after a dangerous event but all of the time. 

Exonerating Drivers

Fleets spend hundreds of hours on the road every year. Even when they consistently practice safe driving habits, accidents are inevitable. When accidents occur, it is essential to know precisely what happened. Dash cams serve as irrefutable witnesses in the event of a crash. By recording the events surrounding a collision both inside the vehicle and out on the road, dash cams provide a comprehensive picture of everything occurring at the moment of an accident. 

70% of accidents are not fleet drivers’ faults. However, insurance fraudsters know that fleets have good insurance and target fleets by intentionally causing accidents or exaggerating injuries. When dash cams can prove that fleet drivers did everything right, drivers can be exonerated. Accidents can cost fleets tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and saving on these costs is a huge bonus of having a dash cam. 

Saving Money

Dash cams don’t only save fleets money by helping them to avoid accidents. They help save money in other areas as well. For example, fleets with dash cams enjoy discounts on their insurance premiums. Insurers appreciate that dash cams reduce fleet liability, saving them money as well as the fleet company.

Accidents don’t just cost money in repairs and insurance payouts. They also cost money in downtime. Employees have to be taken off the job, whether for review or injuries. Vehicles are put out of commission while mechanics repair them and get them ready to get back to work, or while fleet managers buy a replacement if the vehicle is beyond repair. Taking people and vehicles off the road causes setbacks in productivity, hurting the company’s bottom line. It’s a massive headache for fleets, and dash cams can prevent it from ever happening in the first place. 


Considering all of these benefits, it’s clear why dash cams are becoming so popular among fleet companies. They are a worthy investment that promotes safety, savings, and efficiency throughout the business. Azuga’s SafetyCam is a top-of-the-line dash cam that bundles with fleet tracking and fleet management software to give fleets comprehensive control over all aspects of fleet management. Reach out to Azuga today to discuss your options and start taking advantage of the best in fleet technology.