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9 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Women Drivers

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We have often discussed the driver shortage in this blog. One problem that repeatedly arises is the need for more women in the fleet industry. Without the tools to recruit women, the hiring pool for fleets is far more limited, making it much harder to hire drivers. To correct this problem, the fleet industry must adjust toward the needs of women seeking employment. 

Your fleet can stand out to female candidates if you make some changes that entice female candidates to your company. Here are nine tips that make your business more attractive to female candidates and will help you hold onto those you have. 

No. 1: Include Women in Recruitment Materials

Think of your recruitment ads. Do they only show men or appeal to the male candidate’s needs? Is the only woman in your ads the wife at home? Don’t just ensure you’re not excluding women — actively promote them in your materials. Reach out to the women in your business and see if they’d respond positively to your ad. 

No. 2: Express Why You Want to Hire the Person

Women don’t want to feel they are only being hired to make a statement or meet a quota. Make sure you evaluate the individual woman you are interviewing. Highlight the positive qualities that make her the best fit for the job. Women want a level playing field without special privileges. 

No. 3: Prioritize Safety

Safety isn’t only important behind the wheel. The trucking industry, in particular, is notorious for harassment against women. Make sure that women feel safe by talking to your drivers about how everyone can work together to create a welcoming environment. Create concrete harassment policies that you can share with candidates who might be concerned about this issue. 

No. 4: Meet Womens’ Basic Needs

You’d be surprised how many fleet companies don’t have the basic requirements for women. Women should have equal access to restrooms and locker facilities. Your company store should have women’s clothing sizes and feminine products. If you’re not sure what your drivers are missing, ask them!

No. 5: Provide Specific Training

Like with safety, on-the-road training isn’t the only training necessary if you want to include female drivers. You should train all drivers on how to avoid a hazardous work environment and how to handle harassment. You can even instruct drivers in self-defense, as they often spend time alone on the road. 

No. 6: Create a Mentorship Program

Being a woman in trucking can be isolating. If you already have female drivers, pair them with your new recruits to show them the ropes. Mentorship not only helps with training but gives your drivers someone to relate to. 

No. 7: Express Why You Are a Good Fit for Women

In your recruiting efforts, don’t forget to highlight why you may be a good fit for women. Regional routes are an example of a benefit women look for. They may also look for equipment that makes the job less physically demanding. You can also advertise that you have female trainers and provide a safe environment for women. 

No. 8: Equipment

If you can reduce the physical aspect of the job in any capacity, the job may be more appealing to women and men as well! Many technology solutions can reduce the physical demands of the job. Look into hydraulic dollies, air-ride seats, brakes, and automatic transmissions. 

No. 9: Promote Women

You should have set an example by showing women in leadership roles. Feature women in your newsletter and website, and give them a voice in your company. This will help recruit women to your fleet and retain those that you have.

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