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Why You Need Fleet Tracking for Your Plumbing Business

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Like any business, your plumbing business is looking to maximize productivity, optimize operations, and improve customer service. Many tools available today can help you do this, and fleet tracking is one of the best available. Fleet tracking tells you where your assets and vehicles are in real-time, all in one place, so you never have to guess what’s happening with your fleet. It’s a tool that most modern fleets cannot function without, and to miss out on fleet tracking is to fall behind on the competition. This article will explain the benefits of fleet tracking and why your plumbing fleet should be taking advantage. 

Dispatch More Efficiently

Plumbing emergencies arise all the time, and it’s crucial to dispatch the right person quickly with the proper equipment to ensure they can get the job done. GPS tracking tells you who is readily available to take on a plumbing emergency, what equipment they have on hand, and how quickly they can be onsite at the crisis. Plumbing fleet tracking is an absolute necessity for plumbing emergencies, but it is also useful in normal dispatching. You can review jobs, assign technicians, and create schedules easily with the information provided by GPS tracking. Everything is available all on one screen, so data is readily available. It’s simpler than ever to keep track of all of your technicians and get them to their job sites. 

Keep Vehicles Safe

Auto theft is rising, with the US seeing a 9.2 percent increase between 2019 and 2020. This is a particular concern to fleets, but it doesn’t have to be. With fleet tracking, you can set up geofences that alert you whenever a vehicle exits a boundary that you designate. When you alert the authorities, you can tell them exactly where your vehicle is, maximizing the possibility of recovery. Theft protection isn’t the only use that geofencing provides. It is also helpful for preventing unauthorized use of vehicles by employees, ensuring that you get the most out of your assets. Without your vehicles, your business can’t function at all, so ensure that they are properly taken care of with GPS vehicle tracking. 

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority for any fleet business, and plumbing is no exception. Customers don’t like to be kept waiting at home the entire day, never knowing when their plumber will arrive. That’s where fleet tracking comes in handy. With fleet tracking, you can send automatic ETA alerts to customers, so they know when their technician is on the way. This means that the customer is more prepared when the technician arrives and is happy to know their schedule is respected. Since GPS tracking also keeps fleets running more efficiently, plumbers are more likely to be on schedule, further improving customer service and your business’s reputation. Customers can make or break a plumbing business, so it’s crucial to keep them happy. Fleet tracking is an easy way to do so. 

Reduce Fuel Use

Fuel is one of the most expensive costs on a fleet’s budget. Naturally, fleets are always looking for ways to reduce this cost. There are a couple of ways that fleet tracking can help with this. The first way is by simply tracking driver behaviors. Actions such as speeding, idling, and rapid acceleration are immense fuel-wasters that will cost companies significant amounts of money. Telematics systems will alert managers when these behaviors occur so that they can take action to prevent them. 

The second way that fleet tracking reduces fuel use is through route optimization. Route optimization harnesses machine learning and algorithms to get vehicles between destinations in the most fuel-efficient way possible. It is an efficient and easy way to save on fuel costs and time and improve customer service. 

Keep Up with Maintenance

Staying on top of vehicle maintenance is an important step towards keeping drivers safe and saving money down the road. Vehicles that are not properly maintained are prone to breakdowns, costing thousands in repairs and lost revenue. Fleet tracking allows you to set up maintenance alerts that tell you when your vehicles have issues needing repair. It will even alert you when it’s time for your scheduled maintenance. Preventing breakdowns with preventative maintenance alerts keeps your plumbing business efficient and cost-effective. 


Naturally, fleet tracking is popular among modern fleets for these reasons and more. Azuga offers fleet solutions, including fleet tracking, mobile apps, dashcams, and anything a fleet could need to be successful.