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How Fleet Data Can Help Managers Make Better Decisions

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Fleet data is one of the most valuable tools at any fleet’s disposal. It can make fleets more efficient, save money, and improve customer service. Fleet data is integral in all aspects of fleet management. When making decisions, having access to fleet data that helps you determine the best choice is vital. What conclusions can be made based on fleet data, and how can you obtain the data required to make these decisions? We will break down everything you need to know below. 

Safety Data

One of the top uses for fleet data is tracking driver behavior and keeping drivers safe. Drivers are the lifeblood of your business, so it’s essential to keep them safe and happy to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. There are many technology options available that keep drivers safe. Dash cams and safety alerts are just a couple. Fleet managers can use telematics to track when a driver exhibits dangerous behaviors like hard braking, speeding, rapid acceleration, and swerving and report it back in real-time. 

Not only can managers get alerts in real-time, however, but they can also view reports that show driver behavior over time so they can view patterns and analyze a driver’s behavior overall. After all, every driver makes a mistake or has to perform evasive maneuvers. Still, if there is a pattern of aggressive or dangerous driving behaviors, fleet managers must be aware and address it. 

Fleets can also usesafety data to reward drivers for good habits. Rewards programs like Azuga’s driver rewards take data obtained from telematics and assign drivers safety scores. Drivers with the highest safety scores can win prizes like gift cards to their favorite places based on the fleet manager’s pre-established rewards budget. 

Job and Customer Data

Field service management software is a must for any fleet wishing to optimize its day-to-day operations. Software like Azuga Works gives fleet managers the ability to assign, dispatch, and edit jobs from one screen either on their computers or mobile devices. What’s more, Azuga Works gives you data on all of your jobs and employees throughout the day and over time. This means you can keep track of what is going on with your fleet at any time. You can view data from one-time, recurring, or multi-day jobs so you can properly allocate employees where they are needed. Having data on all ongoing tasks makes fleet management a breeze! 

Having this data helps you make key decisions such as prioritizing jobs, rearranging employees, deciding schedules, assigning specific technicians based on their skill sets, and even optimizing routes for the day, so you get more jobs done as fast as possible. Furthermore, the expansive CRM lets you keep track of customer data from job history to favorite technicians, so you can provide the best customer service possible to your customers based on data you accumulate over time. 

What’s even better about Azuga Works is that you can also manage the financial side of operations with detailed business analytics reports. These reports help you decide where to focus your efforts or determine what efforts are working well for your business. It’s a massive step towards maximizing your profitability. Fleet management software has innumerable benefits for fleets of all sizes, so it’s an excellent investment to make as soon as possible. 

Maintenance Data

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to keep track of telematics. One use of telematics is to receive maintenance alerts whenever your vehicle is ready for a checkup. A vehicle breakdown can be a devastating loss to a business’s productivity, and it’s even worse if a mechanical failure causes an accident. 

Azuga lets you set up scheduled maintenance alerts and helps you keep track of all past maintenance on a vehicle. If a vehicle regularly needs the same part serviced, you may consider replacing that part. If you see that a vehicle needs service more often than others, that vehicle may need to be replaced entirely. You can even derive problems with driver behavior or operations from frequent problems that your vehicles face. Vehicle maintenance gives you a lot of information that you can use to make decisions that will improve your fleet’s operations. 


Tracking and managing fleet data doesn’t have to be a challenge. With Azuga’s fleet management software, all of your data is easy to organize in one place, making it easy to get the information you need to make crucial decisions for your fleet. To get started with Azuga, reach out to an expert today, or try out a demo on our website!