Is the ROI in Telematics Real?

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It seems that every technology out there promises a quick return on investment (ROI) for your business. But how do you know that these products will work for you?

In the case of fleet management software, many businesses have come before you and tested products like Azuga’s telematics technology. And the results they’ve reported give concrete evidence of a clear and proven ROI.

Wondering where these returns are coming from? There are several benefits that will certainly help improve your bottom line, but here are a few that really stand out.

Safety and Risk

You may already know that Azuga’s plug-and-play telematics solution is a great way to improve driver safety in your fleet. It can monitor unsafe driving practices like speeding or hard braking. But more importantly, it can provide real-time feedback to drivers on the road to help remind them when they’re not being safe. And even better, the gamification model of Azuga’s driver safety scores means that drivers in your fleet can actually compete to be the safest on the road!

So what does this mean for your bottom line? A sharp decrease in accidents for one. Every time a driver in your fleet is involved in a wreck, you have to shell out money for repairs, not to mention the cost of having that vehicle out of commission for a while. In really bad cases, you might also have to pay workman’s comp for the driver or pay for repairs and medical costs to a third party who was involved in the accident. And the last thing you want is for an employee or a member of your community to be injured (or worse).

With a telematics solution that proactively prioritizes safety, you can keep your drivers on the road and at work where they belong. Your community will be safer and your business reputation is less likely to take a hit every time someone sees unsafe driving behavior in your company vehicles. In fact, Azuga users have seen a 38% reduction in accidents and have reduced citations against their drivers by 57%! And you can look forward to lower commercial fleet insurance costs and even insurance rebates too.

Dispatch Efficiency

Nothing can deflate your bottom line like a lack of efficiency in your dispatch system. The longer it takes for a driver to reach his destination, the fewer tasks he can accomplish during a workday. And if you don’t have an efficient way to reroute drivers to handle things that pop up throughout the day, you could be missing out on business.

With a telematics solution like Azuga, you’ll always know where every driver in your fleet is, in real time. You’ll also get our dispatch and route optimization functionality, to optimize efficiency for every driver in the fleet. And you’ll gain the ability to know who is closest and reroute them when an urgent need pops up unexpectedly. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive your fleet can become.

Driver Retention

Anyone who has been in business for any length of time understands that hiring and training are costly ventures. It’s far better to retain good employees than to have to start with fresh faces regularly. So creating a culture that promotes safety and efficiency and provides real-time training while rewarding top performers is a great benefit in the workforce.

Azuga’s safety scores and driver recognition program have been a real hit with fleets across the country. Azuga FleetMobile makes timecards and record keeping a snap. And it gives employees access to their own safety scores, so they can improve their performance in meaningful ways. But the thing drivers really love? Our gamification features that allow them to earn rewards for safe driving. The program both motivates improvement and recognizes and rewards your best drivers. It’s a win/win solution for any fleet-based business!

Looking for more details on how Azuga can provide a good ROI for your fleet? Download our Fleet Tracking ROI Guide today.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. We have plenty of success stories from all sorts of fleet managers. Let them tell you exactly why Azuga is a good bet for your business.