Fleet Tracking ROI Guide

Does fleeting tracking pay off? Find out.

See how fleet tracking not only improves safety and operations, but also improves your bottom line.

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For business and organizations that have fleets and a mobile workforce, making the investment in a tracking solution can bring immediate and sizable savings and service enhancements. For those that have already deployed a fleet tracking solution, ensuring that it is being used to its fullest potential will unlock other areas of improvement, leading to additional gains in profitability as well as increased revenue.

In this report, we examine the many ways that fleet tracking can change how an organization operates and how those changes deliver ROI through cost cutting and incremental revenue generation.

Fleet / Field Operations : Reduce wasted miles, wear and tear, and unauthorized vehicle use, which reduces costs, boost revenue with better productivity.

Safety / Risk Reduction : Reduce speeding and aggressive driving behaviors that yield violations, repair, costs, and higher insurance premiums.

Field Labor : Improve dispatch and boost worker productivity. Verify time sheets and stay in control of overtime.

Office Labor : Automate standard reporting and data collection. Get rid of paperwork and focus labor on tasks with more value.

Culture : Build your culture around safety and performance. Boost retention and reduce hiring and training expenses.