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Why is a Fleet Management System Important?

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As a fleet manager, you need all the support that you can get. That’s why fleet management software is a must-have for any fleet. What is a fleet management system? This computer software keeps track of routing, dispatch, maintenance, fuel expenditure, compliance, driver safety, and other data points that make your job easier. With technology constantly evolving, fleet management software is continually becoming more advanced. Let’s break down why a fleet management system is so important, regardless of your industry or your fleet size.

Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking is one of the most valuable features of any fleet management software. The best fleet tracking is real-time GPS fleet tracking; fleet managers can see where their fleet is at any given moment. With fleet tracking, you can increase safety, optimize dispatching, and help managers keep track of jobs more efficiently. Not to mention, by knowing where vehicles are at any time, you can also prevent theft, saving thousands of dollars and hours of lost time. Overall, fleet tracking improves the efficacy of any fleet. 


You’ll want to seek out fleet management software that focuses on efficiency and safety. This software should harness telematics to track unsafe driving behaviors like hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, and swerving. Then, the program can alert drivers and fleet managers when these behaviors occur and provide real-time coaching opportunities. You’ll find that this feature goes a long way in preventing accidents, which are substantial financial drains on a company when they occur, not to mention the time and resources they take up. 

Furthermore, fleet management software can reward drivers who exhibit safe behaviors encouraging good driving habits and reducing accidents even more. By gamifying safe driving, drivers have more incentive to prioritize positive habits and earn prizes and rewards for their efforts. 

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is a massive focus for fleet managers and an immense benefit of fleet management software. Of course, knowing where assets are in real-time prevents theft. Even better, when you know what is on hand, you are less likely to purchase identical products and waste money on items the fleet doesn’t need. As for assets the fleet already has but isn’t using, the software can track usage, allowing you to decide to replace them with something more worthwhile. Asset tracking can save thousands of dollars for fleets every year by taking full advantage of everything the fleet owns. 

Get the Best Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is an integral part of any fleet manager’s job. Without it, your job is immensely more complicated, and you may find yourself and your business at a disadvantage. If your fleet is not currently harnessing fleet management software and reaping its benefits, you are missing out. This software makes field service management, safety, and tracking vehicles and assets a breeze. Azuga offers state-of-the-art fleet management software for fleets in any industry. To find out what works best for your fleet, reach out to the experts at Azuga today.