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How to Calculate Your Savings With a GPS Tracking ROI Calculator

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Today, field service management software has ever-expanding capabilities. With the introduction of GPS tracking, fleet and asset tracking have improved dramatically in recent years. These technology solutions have capabilities that go beyond that of simply tracking assets, drivers, or vehicles. Utilizing field management solutions like these, field service businesses can now employ the metrics to improve their bottom line and garner real savings. Opportunities to save on fuel, time, and productivity, safety related expenses, and maintenance costs can be calculated by examining the information already available within the field service management software you may already be using.

Fuel Savings

There’s no question the rising cost of fuel can make a sizeable dent in your bottom line. What if you could reliably reduce the amount of fuel your fleet consumed? The impact this could have on achieving your business goals could be extraordinary. And GPS tracking can do just this! 

One obvious way GPS saves on fuel is by monitoring each vehicle’s fuel usage, mileage, and route efficiency. Optimizing routes and reducing idle times can make a significant impact on fuel costs, too. Another less obvious way GPS tracking can reduce fuel costs is by monitoring and reporting specific driving behaviors that have a negative impact on your overall fuel consumption. Dramatic acceleration, speeding, idling for too long, and hard braking all affect your fuel use. GPS tracking software can detect these behaviors and report them, allowing managers to address them with drivers as quickly as they occur.

Improving Productivity

Labor costs are another area where GPS tracking can reduce inefficiencies and save money. Using the information gained from GPS monitoring, route efficiency, and improved dispatch capabilities can result in reduced costs for your field operation. Planning more efficient routes reduces stop and idle times, wasteful route crossovers, and inefficient changes throughout the day, thus improving the productivity of field and office staff alike. 

Automated time recording makes it more likely for employees to submit accurate time and overtime sheets and easier for you to recognize inaccurate and excess time submissions. All of these components contribute to improving productivity and accurate accounting.

Improving Safety With Fleet Management Tracking Solutions

Improving safety and safe driving behaviors translates to tangible savings for your field service-based business. As we have seen, real-time GPS tracking software can record and report driving behaviors that put safety at risk. Speeding, fast acceleration, and hard braking are all examples of risky driving habits that increase fuel costs and reduce safety on the road. 

Improving safe driving practices can translate into a reduced risk of accidents and fatalities. Real-time tracking also reduces unauthorized use of company resources and can aid in the recovery of stolen assets as well. These safety improvements can result in lower insurance costs by opening the door to premium discounts for your operation. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs

By utilizing vehicle tracking, field management software has the potential to reduce maintenance and repair costs. Each vehicle’s mileage can be monitored in real-time and alerts can be set to perform preventive maintenance tasks. Warning lights and alarms can be seen and tracked as well. When maintenance is performed preventatively, and repairs made when issues are small, you’ll prevent costly repairs later. 

ROI Calculator

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