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Why Do People Write 'How Is My Driving' on Their Vehicles?

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You’ve almost certainly been on the road and seen a “How Is My Driving?” sticker on a truck or car. You’ll typically find a “How Is My Driving?” sign on vehicles belonging to fleet businesses, along with a number to reach their business and report any infractions you may see. If you’ve ever wondered why businesses use these stickers, you’ll find the answer here! We’ll also discuss ways that fleet managers monitor their drivers on the road. 

What Are “How is My Driving” Stickers For?

“How is My Driving” stickers are a way for fleet managers to promote safety for their business on the road. These stickers have a three-pronged effect, which businesses hope to take advantage of. 

First, fleet managers naturally want to ensure their vehicles are handled responsibly by their drivers. If they get a lot of calls from other drivers reporting a particular truck, they’ll keep a closer eye on that driver or offer training to address any issues. Fleet managers can’t be on the road with their drivers, so they hope other drivers may serve as their eyes. 

Secondly, fleets hope that by providing this option to other drivers, they will call the fleet business instead of the police when a minor infraction occurs. Fleet managers can then address the problem once the driver has completed their route instead of dealing with citations, downtime, broken deadlines, and unsatisfied customers. 

And finally, having a “How is My Driving” sticker on their truck may make drivers more conscious of how they drive. If they know other drivers can easily report them for driving recklessly, they will be sure to make safety-conscious decisions. 

How Else Can Fleets Monitor Safety?

Besides the eyes of other drivers, fleet managers must rely on technology to ensure their fleet drivers are engaging in safe driving habits. There are many technology solutions available that help accomplish this, but they are backed by two essential safety staples. 

  • Dashcams: You may think of dashcams as cameras that record the road and protect fleets from lawsuits, but that’s not their only use. Dashcams like Azuga’s AI SafetyCam can also record what’s happening inside the cab. Artificial intelligence can pick up on signs of distracted driving and alert managers to take action if it is severe. 
  • Telematics: Telematics is the backbone of the majority of fleet technology. It transmits tracking data from the vehicle to the fleet manager. Some information that it collects includes location, vehicle health, and instances of safety events. Telematics can help pick up on dangerous habits like hard cornering, harsh braking, speeding, and more. 

Keep Your Fleet Safe with Azuga

A “How is My Driving” sticker is not enough to ensure the safety of your fleet. You need technology that helps monitor your drivers and supports your safety policies. Azuga has many safety features available, including: 

To learn more about these products and see how they work, schedule a demo with one of our experts!