GPS Fleet Tracking

How GPS Tracking for Fleets Can Help you Manage Employee Time Tracking

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GPS tracking for fleet vehicles is an invaluable tool for tracking and managing employee time. There are multiple ways this technology makes time tracking an easier and more streamlined process. By using real-time location tracking, you can improve efficiency, provide accurate customer ETAs, optimize routes and resources, and simplify time card submission. Thus, GPS fleet tracking is a valuable and indispensable fleet management tool for your field service business.

Improve Efficiency

Real-time tracking for your fleet provides a variety of benefits, not the least of which is knowing where everyone is at any given time. Being able to locate your drivers accurately can improve efficiency. When plans need to be updated or dispatch needs to assign new tasks, knowing your drivers’ precise location and using that information to plan for which driver you’ll use for the next job can make the most efficient use of their time. 

Also, GPS tracking can allow you to create virtual borders with geofencing, ensuring you know where your vehicles are at any given point during the day. If they aren’t where they should be, you’ll be immediately notified, allowing you to assess the cause and formulate a response. No longer will you be oblivious to the unauthorized use of your vehicles.

Provide Accurate Customer ETAs

GPS tracking for fleet vehicles is also critical to providing customers with accurate ETAs. Depending on the size and kind of clients you’re serving, this information can be vital to your customers’ day-to-day operations. With GPS tracking, phone calls back and forth to your drivers and multiple updates by phone to your clients can be eliminated. 

Being able to eliminate the distractions and downtime as you volley multiple phone calls back and forth to drivers is a significant benefit to everyone involved. Providing almost instant information and updates to clients via GPS tracking is also a benefit that will set you apart from competitors. This improves efficiency across your entire fleet, is safer for your drivers, and allows you to offer a premium level of service to your clients.

Optimize Resources

GPS tracking for fleet vehicles gives you the best, real-time information on exactly where your drivers are at any given time. This makes planning out routes and updating tasks more efficient.  Along with reducing fuel costs, you can easily choose which driver is the best to send to a site. You can be assured you aren’t sending the driver who is the farthest away when you use GPS tracking, and this will result in better time management and reduced mileage costs. 

GPS tracking also allows managers to evaluate routes and options, even after the fact, to improve efficiency and safety. Utilizing the information that GPS tracking provides for your fleet, you gain a better understanding of vehicle, driver, and resource utilization. The ability to track your vehicle statistics also makes it possible to get alerts for vehicle maintenance.  Tracking and scheduling preventive maintenance is often a step that prevents the future need for costly repairs.

Simplify Time Card Submission

Time is money, and one of the most valuable assets for any company is efficiently and accurately managing it. GPS tracking for fleet vehicles provides a simple and automated way to record employee time. Not only does it track the employee’s time at work, but it can also assign that time to the individual clients. Improving the accuracy of employee time tracking simply saves money. There is no more guesswork, estimation, or approximation when it comes to employees completing their time cards. Reduction of this incidental time adds up quickly and even exponentially. Pair that with accurate hours billed to your clients, and the financial benefits that GPS tracking provides is indisputable.

The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Product

Azuga offers the best in GPS tracking solutions. Its GPS solution is just a part of a robust package of fleet service management solutions that can improve your business in a variety of ways. With asset and fleet tracking, improved time management and documentation, increased driver safety, and improved maintenance and compliance measures, Azuga’s field service management and fleet solutions products offer an incomparable return on investment. 

Customizable features and reports and levels of service that match your priorities make Azuga’s products exactly the solutions you need at a price that works for any budget. Whether it is simple GPS fleet tracking or a comprehensive telematics program, having Azuga’s field service management software gives you a distinct advantage for your business, regardless of your size or trade. 

Without a doubt, the best fleet GPS tracking provides you with multiple ways to improve the way you manage your fleet. In an industry where time is money, managing that time and improving your fleet’s efficiency literally translates into a more profitable bottom line. It opens up opportunities for more business, new business, and the unprecedented potential for growth.