How GPS is Transforming Field Service Management Solutions

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The field service management industry is big and still growing. According to Mordor Intelligence, the field service management market was estimated to be worth $3.14 billion in 2019 and is expected to increase to a value of $7.05 billion by 2025. 

The same source estimates that there are 20 million field technicians employed across the globe.

Over 48% of companies are already using field service management solutions. This is no surprise given how beneficial field service management software can be for businesses. 

One of the biggest advances in field service management solutions comes from the incorporation of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The addition of GPS is supercharging field service management software and unlocking a number of new advanced features that benefit fleets. 

How GPS Technology is Transforming Field Service Management Solutions

GPS is quickly transforming field service management solutions. With GPS technology, managers are better able to keep tabs on their workers and equipment. 
They are also able to unlock a number of features that rely on GPS technology, including vehicle and equipment tracking, geofencing, and travel logs. 
Of 100 industry leaders surveyed at the Field Service USA conference, almost half agreed that automation leads to the greatest revenue growth. GPS technology can help field service management companies automate their alerts, routing of employees, and more. 
Here are some of the ways that GPS technology is transforming field service management solutions.    

Track Vehicles 

Combining GPS technology with field service management software allows for the accurate tracking of fleet vehicles. This is a very useful feature for both managers and drivers. 

Managers know the exact location of their vehicles 24/7 as data is updated in real-time. This makes it easy to identify employees who are driving in unauthorized ways or places. Also, if a driver ever becomes lost, GPS makes it easy for the head office to find and re-route them. 

Travel Logs

GPS-enabled field service management solutions keep travel logs for all of your drivers. These logs contain detailed records of where drivers travel, and when they are at a given location. 
Travel logs can be used to track field workers’ hours and confirm if they arrived at the job-site on time or were late.     


GPS technology enables field service management professionals to set up custom geofences. Geofences can be used to automatically notify managers, or set business rules, when a vehicle enters or exits a certain location—like a client’s address.

Geofencing can improve field service operations by increasing efficiency via better use of automated tools, and optimizing the customer experience via better communication. 

Routing and Rerouting Field Workers 

One of the ways that GPS technology is transforming field service management solutions is by automating and improving the routing of field workers. 
Field service management solutions with GPS built-in make it easy to locate the closest field worker to an urgent service call and route them to the client in the fastest and most efficient way possible. 
This is especially useful in the event that a field worker cancels a service appointment due to being sick or even quitting the company entirely. Field service management software with GPS makes it easy to find the closest field worker with the right skill set to take over the job. 

Helps in Worst-Case Scenarios

Accidents and theft can affect your field service business. Luckily, field service management solutions with GPS functionality have got your back. 
In the event that a vehicle gets into a collision, field service management software can automatically notify the head office. If a vehicle is stolen, GPS makes it much easier to locate and recover it. 
GPS technology can really help your company out in the event of a worst-case scenario. 

Equipment Tracking

With GPS-enabled field service management solutions, businesses can track assets and equipment in addition to vehicles. 
The software can even collect data that indicates which employees use the equipment and when it was last serviced. 
If assets are stolen, businesses can more easily locate and recover them when they are GPS-enabled. In addition, if equipment is damaged, it becomes easier to figure out who is responsible.  

How Azuga Harnesses the Power of GPS Technology 

One company that incorporates GPS into its cutting-edge technology is Azuga. Their field service management solution uses GPS technology to provide a suite of advanced tools and features to help organizations manage their field workers.  

Here are some of the ways that Azuga’s field service management software uses GPS technology to benefit field service companies. 

Monitor Drivers 

With Azuga’s field service management solution, it’s easy to monitor drivers and improve driver safety thanks to GPS. Azuga stores and displays information on dangerous driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking, and cell phone use while the vehicle is in motion. This information is recorded through GPS devices installed in each vehicle.  Managers can use the information on dangerous driving habits to identify field workers who need further driver training.  

In addition, Azuga’s DriveSafe can block distracting activity on field workers’ smartphones such as app use, calling, and texting. Thus, Azuga’s field service management solution makes fleets safer.
Drivers can classify when they use company vehicles for personal use.

Improve Operations 

Azuga’s field service management solution can help improve your dispatching. The advanced software can schedule calls, send out automated dispatch notifications, and even assign workers.  Each call’s status, drive time, and miles traveled can be monitored as well. 

Managers have access to a live map view where they can see the location of their vehicles in real-time 24/7. In addition, information such as vehicle speed, location, driver, and job can be accessed—Azuga even includes weather information, which can help improve routing.  


GPS technology is transforming field service management solutions for the better. Using GPS unlocks advanced functionality and gives organizations more visibility into their field workers’ activities. 

GPS-enabled field service management solutions can help businesses streamline their operations.  

One of the best field service management solutions on the market today is made by Azuga. It features vehicle tracking, geofencing, and automation of everyday tasks.