GPS Fleet Tracking is Essential to Keeping Essential Businesses Moving Forward

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The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

There is no question that we are in the midst of challenging times in the United States, and across the globe.  While the personal pains of COVID-19 and the economic pains of local lock-downs are felt across all businesses, it is clear that the unsung heroes on the front lines of this pandemic continue to keep the country's lights on (literally and figuratively.)  Let’s be clear, our doctors, nurses, military, and public servants are doing everything to fight this virus head on.  But, the unsung heroes are constantly working in the background to keep their local communities moving forward.

At Azuga, we have seen our customers continue working in the face of adversity, albeit, in a different way in the new era of social distancing.  From electricians to plumbers to pest control to telecommunications, these technicians are ensuring we continue to have essential services to keep the communities' households in order.  Can you imagine not having a plumber to call when all those paper towels you flushed start causing a back-up?  Luckily these industries will continue to serve you in your time of need, and fleet tracking systems will continue to serve these industries before, during and after COVID-19. 

How are companies using Azuga right now?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen firsthand the efforts of these businesses performing essential services.  In this time we are also reminded how critical fleet tracking and driver safety is, not only to the profitability of the business, but the core necessity of keeping businesses running smoothly.  Some of the key solutions we have seen our amazing customers heavily leverage the Azuga platform with are:

  1. Vehicle Management - Azuga’s cloud based “work from anywhere” platform has allowed businesses to continue to operate from home without missing a beat.  With custom reporting, our fleet management software solution is powerful at home and in the office.
  2. Driver Alignment - The most important “asset” any company has with a fleet is the driver, and recent events remind us of that.  Azuga’s Driver Safety and Driver Management solutions have ensured not only real-time visibility but ensured the safety of the driver by setting geofence territories and accident-related event alerts.  
  3. Asset Tracking - The need to protect high-value assets, including equipment, trailers and more has become mission critical as these assets are not monitored as frequently by human interaction.

Azuga Research Data

We are keeping a close eye on how GPS fleet tracking solutions, like Azuga, can serve our current and future customer needs but we realize for most businesses, both small and large, they just want to stay on the road.  We also realize this is a tough time for some businesses but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and for some industries the wheels continue to roll.  Check out how the “essential” businesses are trending relative to the number of trips taken per week.  

While we recognize that not all businesses have the luxury of trend graphs like the ones above, and hours of service have been greatly restricted in many parts of the country, we also realize the importance of keeping this data visible and transparent.  As much as we need the plumber to fix our toilet we equally understand the importance of the bounce house delivery for your kids party or the delivery of porta-potties for the large events.  We know COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives temporarily but we also know that these businesses will recover and Azuga will continue to power the top companies' fleet vehicles, amazing drivers, and admins keeping everything efficient and organized. 

Thank You!

On behalf of the Azuga team, we want to thank all the men and women in the essential industries, and we look forward to serving all the non-essential, yet equally important to our way of life, industries in the very near future.