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What Workflows Does FSM Software Improve?

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Field service management software is a necessity for fleet businesses of any size or shape. So many tasks are involved with field service management these days that it is impossible to handle alone. FSM software automates many of the most tedious and time-consuming procedures, freeing up more time for managers to work on big picture tasks. What tasks are made easier with FSM software? This article will break down all the benefits and use cases that fleets can enjoy with good FSM software. 

Fleet Tracking

Real-time fleet tracking is a necessity in any FSM software as it offers innumerable benefits. Route optimization is just one example. Route optimization uses fleet tracking combined with machine learning and algorithms to create the most efficient route from Point A to Point B. This feature results in savings on fuel costs, time, and improved customer service. Because it updates in real-time, managers don’t have to call drivers to update them whenever the software needs to change their route; the software just updates the map on the driver’s phone, and they are ready to go! 

Fleet tracking doesn’t just tell managers where vehicles are but also how they are doing. Vehicle diagnostics are available at the click of a button, alerting managers when vehicles need to go in for maintenance. It also provides the vehicle’s real-time status, such as if the vehicle is running, idling, or how fast it is moving. This information keeps you up to date on your vehicles’ well-being and prevents you from worrying about any breakdowns later down the road. 


FSM software makes it easy to communicate with technicians without distracting them from their work. It pairs with their smart devices to update managers on their status at any point during the day. They can update their job status, enter or modify their time, and view any jobs they have been assigned right from the app on their phone or tablet. It also makes it easier for drivers to get the information they need without contacting  a manager. Whenever an order comes in, it’s easy for them to check what they have in stock and determine what they need to complete a job. This also allows them to keep customers informed regarding what’s available, when they are on their way, or if they encounter any delays on their route, resulting in excellent customer service. Better still, they can streamline the entire ordering process by accepting payments right from their smart devices. Having everything available in one place makes it so simple to give good customer service and operate smoothly. 

Customer Service

Customer service is vital for cultivating a business’s reputation in the community. FSM software allows managers to improve customer service in many different ways. Of course, the previously discussed methods of automatically maximizing efficiency lead to positive customer service, but FSM software goes even beyond that. FSM software helps improve customer service by assisting customers in establishing a relationship with a business by allowing managers to assign technicians to familiar customers. Furthermore, customer disputes are streamlined and easy to sort through so managers can respond to them as quickly as possible. 

One of the best benefits of FSM software is having a detailed CRM that includes customer information such as job history, favorite technicians, and detailed notes that help managers make decisions. Consolidating customer information is immensely useful for growing businesses to keep customers happy and track new customers. 


Safety is a top priority for any fleet business, and good FSM software pairs well with telematics and other safety technology such as dash cams. For example, Azuga Works complements Azuga’s artificial intelligence-driven dash cam, which provides two-way footage of any incidents on the road. Not only does the software save these recorded incidents, but it also tracks driver behaviors, creates driver scores to reward safe drivers, and prioritizes drivers who exhibit unsafe behaviors and may need coaching. Creating a culture of safety is a necessity when it comes to creating a strong and productive fleet. 


All of these features make running a fleet immensely easier. Therefore, FSM software becomes a necessity for businesses wanting to streamline their day-to-day operations and prioritize a culture of safety and efficiency among their workers. Azuga offers state-of-the-art FSM software called Azuga Works that offers all of these features and more. Take advantage of all of the benefits that FSM software has to offer at a reasonable price. Reach out to Azuga today to find out what options are available to you.