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How Fleet Tracking Improves Hurricane Response Plans

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Hurricanes have wreaked havoc all over the world and will continue to do so in the future. All we can do is try to mitigate their damage with an effective hurricane response plan. It is vital when a hurricane strikes that response vehicles can respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce the loss of life and amount of damage resulting from a hurricane aftermath. How can we make our hurricane response plan as effective as possible? That’s where fleet management software comes in. Fleet management software streamlines the hurricane response process so dispatchers and responders can do their jobs quickly and efficiently. We will discuss how that works in this article. 

Dynamic Routing

When it comes to hurricanes, many of the routes that vehicles often travel become impossible to access, either due to flooding or other damage. This is where route optimization becomes an instrumental advantage. Route optimization uses machine learning to determine when routes become inaccessible and finds the best alternative route for response teams to take. This ensures that response teams can still get to their destinations quickly, even when faced with roadblocks. Route optimization has already been used in many hurricane response initiatives and has likely saved many lives. 

Better Communication

Disasters are chaotic enough without communication falling through among the response team. Responders must be able to communicate effectively to ensure they can take proper action where it is needed. With fleet tracking, dispatchers can always tell where responders are and direct them with confidence. They can assign on-site leads so everyone knows who to report to and change responders’ tasks as new issues arise. Best of all, they can do so in a way that is unobtrusive to responders’ work, ensuring they can do their jobs effectively while still communicating at all times

Improving Safety

Responding to hurricanes is a dangerous job, and dispatchers never want to lose track of someone on the field. Fleet tracking software connects to a responder’s vehicle, which should always be near them, so if they stop responding or run into trouble, the dispatcher knows exactly where they are and can send help. This is an immensely useful tool for keeping first responders safe on the job and ensuring they can get help if they’re ever in any danger. The fewer casualties in the event of a hurricane, naturally, the better. 

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