5 Ways Your Scheduling and Dispatching Will Change With Field Service Management Software

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With field service technology being an ever-growing and improving field, it only makes sense to capitalize on it and utilize it to grow and improve your business. Fleet management software companies have continued to improve their options and have made using their solutions a necessity to compete in today’s market. 

Scheduling and dispatching are two areas that have been improved exponentially with the use of fleet management software. Improvements in these areas add to the bottom line and result in more satisfied customers. Efficient scheduling and dispatching eliminate pen-and-paper planning and mitigate the multiple back and forth phone calls necessary before field service management software improved the entire process.

1. Optimized Routes

Gone are the days of paper-and-pencil route-making. The process was not only difficult but incredibly inefficient and time-consuming. With fleet management software comes the utilization of real-time GPS tracking. This increases the accuracy of route planning and opens the door to planning more efficiently mapped routes. The software can help plan routes that optimize time spent on the road and reduce route crossover. With an overview of customer stops, a more efficient route emerges. 

2. Faster Dispatch

When routes need to change, such as in the case of a customer emergency, fleet management software makes it possible to find the best technician to respond. With GPS tracking, you know where your technicians are and where they are going. Route updates can be formulated using the best-situated person to respond, reducing route crossover. 

Dynamic scheduling happens in almost real-time. Fleet management software improves optimization from beginning to end, resulting in faster and more accurate response to customer emergencies and requests.

3. Improved Customer Satisfaction and Confidence

Communication is an integral part of creating an exceptional customer experience. Accurate communication is absolutely crucial. Each time you provide an ETA to a customer that you don’t meet, a little bit of trust is broken. Fleet management software makes providing an accurate ETA to your customers much more manageable. 

With routes accurately planned and optimized in advance, you can provide an ETA that the client can rely on without worry. Despite your best efforts, however, there will be times when your estimates don’t hit the mark. If the ETA must be updated, with GPS tracking, you will know ahead of time and have the information necessary to update the client. Keeping your clients informed goes a long way in establishing trust and creating a loyal customer base. Fleet tracking also allows you to more efficiently assign technicians and specialists to customers that they already know.

4. Optimized Resources

Resource management is a key factor in having a successful fleet service business. Being able to get the most out of your resources puts your business at a distinct advantage. Using fleet management software can provide your business with the technology needed to reduce waste and optimize resource utilization. 

Fleet tracking optimizes routes and reduces downtime resulting in fuel cost savings and improved employee productivity. It also has the capability to track vehicle maintenance and notify you when repairs are due, preventing costly breakdowns. With route tracking, when you need to dispatch a vehicle, choices can be made more quickly and efficiently, ensuring you dispatch the right vehicle at the right time.

5. Technician Communication

With fleet management software, the communication loop between the office and the field is more easily closed. Technicians are able to see their schedules and routes in advance and are able to mark work orders complete as soon as they have finished them. When urgent customer requests are made, schedule changes and updates are communicated to technicians electronically, eliminating the inefficient and time-consuming process of phone calls back and forth. Technicians’ time is recorded as they complete their schedules, resulting in improved accuracy and reduced inefficiencies, and further reducing the use of pen-and-paper processes in the office.

Azuga’s field service management software is the best on the market. With its premium tracking and reporting capabilities, your scheduling and dispatching will become streamlined with ease. You will develop more efficient processes, better utilization of resources, and happier customers. With more efficient fleet management, you have the opportunity to grow and develop your business and your bottom line!