Fleet Safety

Greener Days with Fleet Safety for Lawn Care and Landscaping Cos.

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A service fleet like a lawn care service is sure to derive significant benefits for productivity and fleet safety from a GPS-based telematics solution. Here are some reasons why: 

Productivity from Monitoring Movement

Often, drivers don’t follow routes or make personal stops between customers, resulting in overtime expense and poor customer service. GPS tracking can let you know when your drivers are off-task or off-route, keeping everyone accountable throughout the day. 

A GPS fleet tracking solution can track movements around town, keeping an eye on the team, no matter where the day might take them. This level of accountability translates to higher productivity and lowers monthly workforce costs. Especially during the busy months in spring and summer, you want to keep an eye on your labor costs while doing brisk business.

Savings from proactive fleet maintenance

Breakdowns can be expensive both in repair costs and in terms of customer service. They throw your team off-schedule and annoy customers with late arrivals or missed appointments. There's one way to avert it: Maintenance alerts will give you signs before anything drastic like an engine problem occurs.

A GPS-based tracking solution not only provides engine diagnostic alerts it can serve reminders for tune-ups and other preventive maintenance activity.

In addition to your maintenance schedule based on the miles driven, this is a way to take steps to lower maintenance costs and avoid disruptions to service. The updated records and maintenance history of each vehicle helps in managing costs. The more vehicles you have, the more your maintenance savings become significant.

Attention to expensive assets

As a lawn care business, you have costly equipment for use on client sites. You want to know how much these assets are in use and where they are at all times. Accurate fleet and asset tracking help you avoid losses and monitor asset utilization. 

An asset tracking solution that features geofencing offers a way to know when your riding mowers and other significant assets aren’t where they should be. Geofencing allows you to draw a virtual line around a location of your choice, then alerts you whenever tracked assets cross that line. So if an employee borrows equipment without permission, you’ll know right away. And if a thief makes off with expensive equipment, you’ll be alerted to that too. 

Monitor Fuel Waste

Fuel costs can be one of the most challenging budget items to control. Fuel prices can fluctuate wildly, and usage can be unpredictable. Meanwhile, fleets of all sizes burn up more fuel than they should. Reducing even 5% in fuel use can significantly impact monthly costs and adds up to a tidy sum in a year. 

Your fleet tracking GPS solution can monitor your staff's driving behaviors and save fuel. When they drive only the necessary miles in a day and avoid speeding and wasteful idling, you will immediately see improved fuel economy in your lawn care or landscaping fleet.

Sound a Warning, Save a Driver

No fleet manager wants their drivers to be unsafe on the road. Yet dangerous driving behaviors may be habitual in your fleet without your knowledge. Mitigate the risk by deploying a GPS tracking and monitoring solution across your lawn care fleet.

A GPS solution that offers in-cab alerts can warn drivers in real-time about speeding or sudden braking. This immediate feedback has many times more impact in the moment and can show your drivers just how often bad habits occur. 

You will also know exactly which of your staff members needs coaching. GPS tracking solutions can provide reports showing the type and frequency of the error exactly. Armed with this data, you can arrange targeted training intervention. Not just that, telematics data, especially when combined with dashcam footage, can offer the needed proof in case your drivers are accused of speeding or involved in an accident. 

Your lawn care business's image improves when your drivers practice safe habits yet consistently arrive at customer sites on time. Azuga customers report an average reduction of 57% in citations for traffic violations. Moreover, they are taking 28% less time to reach their customers!

To improve your fleet operations and business efficiency, you need actual data. Get the actionable reports you need with Azuga Fleet installed in all of your vehicles.