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How to Understand Fleet Management Data and Use it To Your Advantage

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Fleet management data is a tool that every fleet should be using to its fullest advantage. It can be used across all aspects of fleet management, from safety to finances to customer service, even to improving a fleet’s efficiency. Having access to fleet data is critical when making decisions for your fleet. What kinds of fleet data can you obtain from your fleet management software? How can you use it to make important decisions regarding your fleet’s operations? We will discuss the answers to these questions and more. 

Job and Customer Data

One tool that you will use every day if you have it is field service management software. This software completely revolutionizes your fleet’s day-to-day operations. A tool like Azuga Works will allow you to assign, dispatch, and edit jobs easily from a single screen, either on a computer or a mobile device. You can view data on these jobs and your employees throughout the day and over a more extended period, meaning you have a comprehensive view of anything you want to know regarding your fleet’s daily operations. Data from one-time, recurring, or multi-day jobs is available, helping you make decisions regarding how to allocate employees where they are needed. 

With this data, you can make critical decisions such as prioritizing jobs, deciding schedules, optimizing routes for the day, rearranging employees, and even assigning specific technicians based on their skill sets. This way, you get more jobs done in a shorter amount of time. Furthermore, an expansive CRM saves customer data such as job history and favorite technicians, allowing you to provide better customer service based on the data you gather over time. 

That’s not all field service management software does. It also helps you manage the financial aspect of your business. You can obtain detailed business analytics reports that help you decide where you should focus your efforts or what is working well for your business. When you want to maximize your profitability, this is the tool to use. Field service management software has so much data to benefit your business that it is practically a necessity. 

Safety Data

Safety is your fleet’s top priority, and keeping track of safety data is part of doing everything you can for your drivers, your business, and everyone on the road. Keeping your drivers safe and happy keeps them on board and keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently. All kinds of technology options are available now to keep your drivers safe, from dashcams to telematics and everything in between. These technologies don’t only work in real-time, but they collect data that you can view over time to learn more about your drivers’ behaviors. 

With driver behavior reports, you can more easily see patterns and better analyze a driver’s overall behavior. When you get the occasional real-time alert, it’s easy to dismiss, but seeing how often they happen over time can be more eye-opening. You must understand how often these events truly occur to get a clear picture of a driver’s habits. 

Of course, this data can be used for more than simply tracking mistakes. It can also enable you to reward positive behavior. For example, Azuga has created a rewards system that takes data obtained from telematics to assign drivers a safety score. Drivers with the highest safety scores win prizes such as gift cards to their favorite restaurants or local hot spots based on a pre-established budget set by the fleet manager. 

Maintenance Data

Telematics isn’t only valuable for tracking safety data. It can also help track a vehicle’s health. You can pair telematics with your fleet management software to receive maintenance alerts when your vehicle has issues that need addressing. Of course, you never want your vehicles to experience a breakdown on the road. That is a costly and time-consuming problem that every fleet manager wants to avoid. Preventative maintenance is the way to go, and maintenance alerts help you achieve the best results. 

You can also access reports on your vehicles’ maintenance over time. If you see the same part needing maintenance repeatedly, you can determine if that part needs to be replaced. You may even be able to derive problems with driver behavior based on issues that come up in maintenance. There are a variety of uses for maintenance data, so it is undoubtedly something to track. 

Start Tracking Data with the Best Fleet Management Software 

To start tracking your fleet’s data, you need a comprehensive fleet management solution covering all aspects of your fleet business. That’s where Azuga comes in. We are experts in the industry with an array of fleet solutions that will meet all of your fleet’s needs. Try a demo of anything we have to offer and see for yourself what we can do.