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What Do Fleet Drivers Want from Their Jobs?

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The fleet driver shortage has continued over the last several years with no apparent end in sight. Fleet managers need ways to hire drivers by drawing them in with benefits and higher pay. Before investing in different tactics to entice drivers, however, you should research fleet drivers' top priorities when they are searching for a job. Fleet driver job satisfaction is critical to ensure that drivers are interested in coming to your place of work but also staying with your company once hired. Let’s discuss what fleet drivers look for when they are job hunting. 

Higher Pay

You likely knew that higher pay would be on this list going in. And yes, drivers are comparing pay rates with more scrutiny than ever when considering trucking jobs. We should note that truck driver wages have risen 18% since 2019, but pay doesn’t only refer to salary or hourly wages. It also includes benefits like a 401K program and health insurance. Trucking is hard on driver health, and it is difficult for drivers to get preventive treatment for these problems without good benefits from their employers. 


There are many types of trucking runs and many different types of drivers out there. Some drivers might want a job that takes them coast-to-coast. Meanwhile, others will want to avoid such a route, preferring to spend more time at home with their families making regional runs. A job offering a range of options to drivers is preferable to job-seeking drivers. 

Schedule and Paid Time Off

The average driver works up to 60 hours a week for up to 8 days in a row. This can be hard on anyone, especially someone with a job as challenging as a truck driver’s. Many drivers cite paid time off or a more varied schedule as essential when considering jobs. Come up with a generous PTO package for your drivers to give them the work-life balance they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Professional Development

Many drivers want to see advancement in their careers or training courses under their belts. These benefits put them in better positions for raises and promotions and boost driver safety on the road, which benefits everyone. Driver training can be personalized to each driver using telematics and dashcam footage that provides context to their learning. There are also many certificate programs available that you should make available to your drivers for development. Knowledgeable drivers help your fleet succeed and feel more confident in their jobs. 

The Best Technology Makes Your Fleet Appealing

Drivers don’t want to work with clunky technology that makes their jobs harder. To entice the best drivers, upgrade your fleet to the latest technology with Azuga’s state-of-the-art fleet management system. Our comprehensive software covers all aspects of fleet management, simplifying daily driver activities like dispatching and communications. We even have a driver app that drivers can use to easily record information and reach out to managers. Learn more about how Azuga can help launch your fleet into the 21st century by speaking with one of our experts. 

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